The meeting of Putin and Merkel: what conclusions did the Chancellor of Germany

German Chancellor Angela Merkel at a press conference following the meeting with President of Russia Vladimir Putin on may 2 in Sochi told me what she said to the head of the Russian Federation and as discussed the Ukrainian question.

So, Merkel said that there is no need to conclude a new agreement in the framework of the peaceful settlement of the situation in the Donbas.

“I do not consider it appropriate to conclude a new agreement,” said the Chancellor.

According to Merkel, she is dissatisfied with the growing trends of separation of some parts of the Donbass region of Ukraine.

“Expropriation of enterprises, the transport blockade and other issues need to be examined very carefully and do your best to turn it back,” she added.

“Of course, we want to ensure that Ukraine received access to its state border – it is also part of the Minsk agreements and then to provide a political solution, which is aimed at local elections”, – said Merkel.

“We have not achieved that yet, but it does not mean that we can forget about the existing agreement and must move to the conclusion of a new,” added the German Chancellor.

She explained that currently the problem is not concluding a new agreement in Ukraine, but in implementing the same.

“My earnest request to the Russian President is to do everything possible to ensure its implementation”, – she said.

Need to replace OSCE monitors in Ukraine of the UN mission, said the Chancellor.

“It makes no sense to look for other formats that will not bring the greater good,” explained Merkel, answering a question on possibility of introduction of the UN mission to Ukraine.

“We are United in the fact that the work of the OSCE is very important,” added the Chancellor.

Merkel said that she would like lifting sanctions on Russia after the implementation of the Minsk agreements, noting at the same time, the existence of contacts between Russia and Germany in economy and other spheres.

“I would like us to have the opportunity to remove sanctions if the Minsk agreements,” she said.

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Merkel also called on Russia constructive partner in the organization of the summit “groups 20” in Hamburg in July.

“World events demonstrate that multilateral cooperation for the benefit of all – this is just what we need, and in this spirit we will continue to work,” said the Chancellor of Germany.

Merkel said that he had asked Russian President Vladimir Putin to intervene in the situation around the rights of homosexuals in Chechnya.

“I also talked about what was a very negative report about what is happening with homosexuals in Chechnya and asked the President about how to exert its influence to ensure the preservation of the rights of minorities,” – said Merkel.

According to her, the same applies to the organization of “Jehovah’s Witnesses”, which suspended the Russian Ministry of justice.

This is the first two years of Merkel’s visit to Russia. The last time the Chancellor visited Moscow on 10 may 2015 in connection with the 70th anniversary of victory in the great Patriotic war.