“The Fuhrer is, build the Reichstag”: the reaction of social networks to the statement by Shoigu

Users of social networks reacted to the statement of the Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu, the Moscow region construction of the building of the Reichstag.

“In the Park “Patriot” in Kubinka building of the Reichstag. Not in full, but in order for our yunarmeytsy could storm not horrible, but a specific place,” he said during his speech in the state Duma.

According to him, in addition to the model of the Reichstag building in the Park “Patriot” will be built “full guerilla village” in which place “the class of the training of suicide”, “the dugout officer”, kitchen, chef, guerilla bath and a barn and a pigsty.

Shoigu also said that at the Park now completes the creation of the front line with trenches and bunkers, and already this year, Park visitors will be able to “feel the atmosphere” — for example, spend the day at service on a submarine and “try the compote and pasta”.

Merkel will be happy.
There is not know how to avoid new sanctions against Russia, and then Shoigu teaches how to take the Reichstag
This 5+ on a scale of idiocy pic.twitter.com/kLZESbwBUd

— Catch up! Е7Ы09 (@mix_voronezh) 22 Feb 2017

The Russian government will not build roads, schools or hospitals. But build in the suburbs, a copy of the Reichstag. Then to take! pic.twitter.com/x1CHXElsUX

— Foreign Rossi (@Fake_MIDRF) 22 Feb 2017

In the suburbs to build a large model of the Reichstag that his “stormed yunarmeytsy”.
This period Russia will be included in all textbooks of social psychiatry.

— Andrey Shumylo (@andykrim65) 22 Feb 2017

The Olympics held, occupied Crimea, there is the Fuhrer Reichstag building. For a complete happiness only lacks of concentration camps and mass mobilization.

Corner cynic (@cynicarea) 22 Feb 2017

In Germany building roads. Russia is building the Reichstag.

The thought of Perzident (@VVP2_0) 22 Feb 2017

The Reichstag Shoigu pic.twitter.com/pagYY5iq5i

— Nesterov (@vertigra) 22 Feb 2017

– And you for the construction of the Reichstag passed?
– I had pic.twitter.com/M569HO6KE4

— Ivan Semyonov (@Sem7ser) 22 Feb 2017

Shoigu for yunarmeytsev build the Reichstag. For myself, Shoigu has built a Palace. pic.twitter.com/ILwxnVSM7B

The thought of Perzident (@VVP2_0) 22 Feb 2017

The construction of the Reichstag in the suburbs, it’s cool…You have for children Buchenwald..build Creative. Patriotic. And fun..

village Durakovo (@willi_rusland) 22 Feb 2017

— They are building the Reichstag.
Why not the road?
They’re not Hitler or something.

FROM СЕТИhttps://t.co/G5AWVKt1NF pic.twitter.com/28vW4FKop0

— aunt rose (@Anakoyher) 22 Feb 2017

Moscow after Khrushchev demolition and construction of the Reichstag. pic.twitter.com/Z82afj3mAM

— Viktor Volkov (@mus_baran) 22 Feb 2017

“The defense Ministry will be built in the suburbs, the layout of the Reichstag”

I wanted to immediately siganut

— Stalingrad (@StalinGulag) 22 Feb 2017

Freud began to cry! The Russian decided to build the Reichstag, and then it continuously “take”. pic.twitter.com/r3puWLi5zq

— Egyptian orchestra (@IgorLukianchuk) 22 Feb 2017

@mix_voronezh Want to repeat? Then complete the layout of the Reichstag layout of the cemetery on 42 000 000 people, which the Soviet Union put in the war

— Egyptian orchestra (@IgorLukianchuk) 22 Feb 2017

Help. The Reichstag is the highest legislative body of Nazi Germany.