The Russian state Duma ratified the agreement on “Turkish stream”

The Russian state Duma adopted the law on ratification of the agreement between Russia and Turkey on the project of the gas pipeline “Turkish stream” that will be laid under the Black sea bypassing Ukraine.

The explanatory note States that the feasibility of the project of gas pipeline “Turkish stream” and the signing of the agreement due to several reasons, particularly the reduction of transit risks and ensuring the implementation of the Gazprom contractual obligations on gas supplies to Turkey and the EU after 2019.

“Reliable and uninterrupted supply of Russian gas pipeline “Turkish stream” will provide annual revenues to the Russian budget of export duties in the amount of about USD 750 million. USA only in respect of the first pipeline intended to supply gas to Turkish customers”, – the document says.

“In the case of the implementation of the second string and depending on the list of countries, buyers of gas from which to receive gas transiting Turkey from the second line, comparable revenues in the budget of the Russian Federation can be provided at the expense of export duties on supplies via the second line”, – stated in the document.

As reported, Russia and Turkey 10 October 2016 signed the intergovernmental agreement on the project “Turkish stream.”

The document envisages the construction of two gas pipeline strings under the Black sea with a capacity of 15.75 billion cubic meters of gas each. One thread is planned to supply gas directly to the Turkish market, on the other — the transit through Turkey to European countries. The implementation of the second line will depend on the interest of Europe in Russian gas and get from it guarantees that.

The President of Turkey Redzhep Tayip Erdogan in early December 2016, was signed earlier by the Turkish Parliament adopted the law on ratification of the agreement with Russia on construction of “Turkish stream.”

In “Gazprom” stated that “Turkish stream” should be the only route for supplies of Russian gas to the EU, which “will eliminate the risks of transit through Ukraine”.

In turn, the head of “Naftogaz of Ukraine” Andrew KOBOLEV said that the construction of the gas pipeline “Turkish stream” in the form of two branches of “Nord stream-2” would deprive Ukraine of revenue in the amount of $ 2 billion dollars a year, and about five times will reduce the cost of the Ukrainian gas transportation system.