The National Interest (USA): perhaps this is the most powerful gun in the world (she is from Russia)

Earlier this month the Department for work with the press Corporation rostec announced the first deliveries to the Russian army modernized 203-millimeter self-propelled artillery 2С7М Malka. This is the last time upgrades 2S7 “Pion”, developed in 1980-ies. It is intended for strikes on vital targets of the enemy in the tactical depth of the front line.

“JSC “Uraltransmash” delivered the first modernized self-propelled artillery 2С7М “Malka” the Ministry of defense of Russia, — says the statement of “Rostec”, released by state news Agency TASS. — Updated appliances got a new chassis and electronics, resulting in seriously improved tactical and technical characteristics”.

This artillery platform is one of the most powerful self-propelled guns in the world, and “one shot can destroy a whole building, used as a reference point”. Installation 2S7 was designed without a tower, since the main gun unit is located at the rear of the crawler Assembly. For this platform there are shells of various capacities, charged with the breech.

“Rostec”, state holding company with headquarters in Moscow, on 7 April announced the completion of work on the first upgraded example of this self-propelled artillery. Its transmission, distribution mechanisms and power supply were replaced. In addition, we have upgraded the intercom system and radio.

Engineers also replaced imported components with domestic production parts. JSC “Uraltransmash”, which is part of the group “Uralvagonzavod” and included in state Corporation “rostec”, working in the field of high technologies, has already prepared the production facilities for the modernization of serial self-propelled artillery installations “Malka”.

After the completion of the upgrade, the plant “Malka” has passed a full testing cycle, including both running and shooting. This was proven characteristics of its mobility and the chassis, the propulsion system and the reliability of the transmission. In addition, field tests were focused on checking reliability of the loading mechanism of this platform, the fire control system and strength of the gun 2А44.

“This is one of the world’s most powerful self-propelled guns, designed to destroy important targets and enemy targets in the tactical depth of the defense behind the front line, said General Director of “Uraltransmash” Dmitry Semizorov. — At the moment started supplying the upgraded guns for the Ministry of defence. Before “Uraltransmash” faces a serious challenge for the implementation of the serial modernization of this product in the framework of the state defense order for 2020 — 2022″. His words leads TASS.

Although the “Malka” and called one of the most powerful self-propelled artillery in the world, it has not yet passed a serious test in these military conflicts. The unit “Pion” was never used by the Soviet military during the armed conflict, and this platform is mainly supplied to units of the Soviet red Army (SIC — approx. edition of the new York times) in East Germany. Installation Pion and Malka were relocated to Russia after the signing of the Treaty on conventional armed forces in Europe.

The only known case of the use of self-propelled artillery 2S7 was recorded in South Ossetia, and in that conflict the Georgian military used a battery of six such plants. They were all hidden before the retreat of the Georgian troops, but one of them captured Russian soldiers as a “war trophy”, while the rest were destroyed. It was also reported that the installation 2S7 used by the Ukrainian army, but these findings were not confirmed.

Peter Suciu publishes articles in numerous publications; he lives and works in the city of Michigan; is the author of several books on military headwear.