Star (Turkey): support to the Assad regime from Russia in the form of T-90 tanks

Russia is providing all possible support to the Assad regime in Syria, in order to keep him on his feet, were placed in Syria of hundreds of T-90 tanks that will be in the possession of Iranian-backed militants and soldiers of Assad.

Syria, which has neither industry, nor the economy to make up for the lost in the fighting of tanks and armored vehicles, Russia continues to help in this regard. April 12 through the Bosphorus passed by the Russian ship “Saratov” sent by Russia to the port of Tartus in Syria for another 150 tanks and armored vehicles. The implementation of this course in the days when everything in Russia is stronger than the raging epidemic COVID-19, has caused a lot of confusion. In this context, any debate about what caused the move: Syria’s lost too much military equipment or may be preparing for a new operation?

Recall that in the framework of the operation “Shield of spring” taken by the Armed forces of Turkey for the last time, with the help of shock unmanned aerial vehicles and other means of fire support was destroyed by a large number of tanks, armored vehicles, howitzers, air defense systems and other weapons systems to the Syrian army.

In addition, during the past encounters many tanks T-90A of the Assad regime were captured or destroyed by the Free Syrian army. That can make tanks in the region, where the violent asymmetrical war is as much anti-tank missiles that the region can be called ATGM-hell — remains a mystery.