Military expert: Russia’s resources will be enough for one day war against Ukraine

Russia is not capable of full-scale war with Ukraine, because Moscow has all the resources at the end — they will last for a single day of warfare.

Such opinion on air “Columnist.LIVE,” stated a military expert Oleg Zhdanov.

“Russia is not ready for full-scale war, even with us… what we are witnessing in the East of Ukraine, is the maximum ability of the Russian Federation. Can still be provocative offensive for more than a day. But then have to run back,” he said.

The expert stressed that the Russians will retreat just as how actively they will drive Armed forces of Ukraine.

According to Zhdanov, in this situation, Kiev needs to adopt a law on occupied territories. “This is not to say that tomorrow we will go to battle in the offensive. Just we give to these territories of legal status. The whole world knew what was happening, and ran the appropriate mechanisms,” he added.