From the mosque is the political Islamism

Convincing evidence of this assertion, hard to find, since the “Muslim brotherhood” (banned terrorist organization — approx. ed.) don’t hand out business cards. “The Muslim brotherhood” — a global network that promotes political Islam. Across the Sunni world, they have their mosques and organizations, and among European Muslims, they are confident of support, including in Finland.

They oppress women’s rights, democracy, equality and freedom, and this ideology must not be allowed to take root in Europe. Run the program for the advancement of political Islam “Muslim Brothers” Turkey, Erdogan, Qatar and Bahrain, as well as the “Muslim brotherhood” of Egypt. In many aspects, they compete with the political Islamism in Saudi Arabia. However, from the point of view of the West, all are equally bad.

Sponsors the construction of mosques can transfer the money through intermediaries (local organizations, cultural centers), and, thus, political Islam becomes less obvious. So it was built hundreds of mosques in Europe. Now, after some time, you receive information about these relationships, as evidenced by the examples of Germany and Denmark.

I support freedom of religion, but oppose the Cathedral mosques. Why? In Finland already many mosques. Most of them directly tied to a specific Muslim country or political leadership. This prevents integration of the Muslim population, and also allows other countries and organizations to exert influence. Sunni country like Saudi Arabia, does not allow Shiite Iran financed the construction of mosques to prevent political influence. Iran also does not allow to Saudi Arabia or “Muslim Brothers” funded the mosque. In this issue, we could follow the example of the Muslim world.

Some justify the construction of a mosque in Helsinki liberalism. They say that everyone should have the right to build anything and to believe in what is more like. However, we must remember that where political Islam is thriving, there is no democracy, and human rights are not respected. Therefore, the government is to prevent the spread of harmful for equality ideology. The Christian faith went through a reform during the Enlightenment, and integrated (more or less) in modern society. Political Islam has not passed through the reforms — he lives by the same rules as in the VII century.

In Finland Muslim believers are comparatively few, especially in comparison with how many sects of Islam are trying to build in the country in their mosques. Muslims in Finland consist of people from different cultures and speak different languages. Now all the small groups have their premises for meetings and prayer, where they can talk about their religion in their native language. This system works pretty well. The mosque cannot accommodate all the Muslims because of serious differences in the various sects of Islam. If Helsinki or another city of Finland approved the construction of the mosque will advance the interests of one of Islam to the detriment of the other streams. How to explain why the Shiites have their Cathedral mosque? Or the Muslims of the city of Turku? It will be hard to explain why some have its own building, but others — no.

I believe that almost all operating in Finland mosques have connections with political Islamism. Now in Finland are actively discussing the attempts of pressure from Russia. Then it should be avoided and rooting of political Islamism in Finland. The rivalry of political parties should not cause a vacuum that slowly can fill political Islamism.

The construction of the mosque will cost hundreds of thousands of euros. Knowing about the plight of refugees in Syria and Iraq, famine in East Africa and other difficulties, think, may, in the name of faith sponsors is to help the poor Muslims is not the construction of congregational mosques in Finland and in some other way?