The way is paved for access to the Iranian market

Recently, the government of Armenia is taking active steps towards the establishment of a relatively privileged conditions of introduction of Armenian goods in the Iranian market and the expansion of the Armenian-Iranian cooperation. The group was formed for negotiations to eliminate restrictions on the export of Armenian products to Iran. As you know, these limitations associated with customs procedures, and problems of qualification.

At this stage, negotiations are underway with Iranian institutes for standards and research for industry, Iran accepted the results of the certification in Armenia. Discusses, in particular, the questions of the Foundation in Armenia, representative offices or branches of bodies carrying out conformity assessment standards food and non-food products.

Standardization of certification is essential for export of. For many years this served as a serious obstacle for the entry of Armenian products into the Iranian market. This is one of the main ways in which Iran during the last years, seeks to protect its market from an influx of foreign products.

If you manage to solve the issue of certification, this will be an important step towards the organization of export of Armenian goods in the Iranian market, including food and agricultural products. Although now, too, some products are exported from Armenia to Iran, but their list is very limited. Main food products — is lamb, for which demand is very large.

But Armenia is to supply Iran not only lamb. Although the list of varieties of the Armenian production not very long, they are still there. Just a strict certification requirements and current restrictions do not provide opportunities for such exports.

Given this circumstance, the negotiating team is trying to find solutions. It is very important that the Iranian side also has a positive attitude to this issue. This suggests that the talks will end with a positive result.

Already considered the list of those products which can be in demand in the Iranian market. This, in turn, is some agricultural products, confectionery, and also some types of yeast. We also discuss the possibility of founding a joint Armenian-Iranian industries, which is implied, will produce agricultural products in Iran’s packaging.

In addition to active steps to harmonize quality standards and certification, active policy also in the formation of a free trade zone on the border with Armenia and Iran. Already declared competition to attract investment.

Also earlier, the Iranian side showed interest in this project. At the same time, it is as the formation of a free trade zone and the deployment there of activity.

One evidence of the above was the visit of the delegation of Iranian entrepreneurs headed by the head located on the border with Armenia free trade zone “Aras”. According to the head of the delegation, in the near future will see the results of the visit of Iranian President to Armenia. To do this, both sides have the necessary will and great desire to develop and expand economic and trade cooperation between the two countries.

Although work on the formation of a free trade zone in Meghri is just beginning, now began an active discussion about deploying a joint activity on this site. This goal was pursued also held in Yerevan last week, the Armenian-Iranian another forum of entrepreneurs, in which, it seems, there are certain agreements on joint activities.

Obviously, in both Armenian and Iranian business circles, there is great interest generated in Meghri the free trade zone. Remains as fast as possible to use this site.