Fortune (USA): the airline will take money for social distancing

American low-cost airline Frontier Airlines announced that it will charge c passengers who want to seat next to you during a flight remained free. To pay for this distance will have an additional 39 to $ 89 depending on the flight. About it on Tuesday, may 5, according to Fortune.

To offer the service until the end of the summer. In total, the cabin can be “redeemed” so 18 seats.

“This option is an addition to the measures that Frontier Airlines has made to protect its passengers”, — said the press-Secretary of company Jennifer De La Cruz.

Also, the airline plans to require confirmation from the passengers that none of their family members did not realize that the symptoms of coronavirus in the past two weeks, putting on a mask, to measure the temperature and process antiseptic hand before planting.

At the same time, major airlines like American Airlines and Delta Air Lines have blocked some seats that are in the middle to keep the distance between the passengers. To take extra passengers they have no plans, but do not guarantee that the middle seat will be free on every flight. They will fill dependent on the situation.

Earlier Dutch airline KLM said partially resumed its operations in Europe. Now KLM will operate flights from Amsterdam to Barcelona, Madrid, Rome, Milan, Budapest, Prague, Warsaw and Helsinki.