TOP 10 poisonous foods we eat every day

Official statement of the world Health Organization, as well as hundreds of studies conducted over 20 years showed that all the varieties of sausages, hams, salted and smoked meat lead to serious diseases, particularly cancer, according to Lifestyle..

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To a class of carcinogenic (cause cancer of the rectum, and cancer of the prostate and pancreas) cancer ward WHO now include products from red and processed meat.

What products is better not to eat never?

  • Smoked sausage

The danger here is that they have no one smokes. Today, manufacturers use liquid smoke, which contains the same hazardous formaldehyde. However, cooked sausage is not very useful — they are made from genetically modified soybeans.

  • Peanuts

Without implantation of the gene of Petunia it is not stored, and it is terribly poisonous substance. By the way, the insects do not eat peanuts.

  • Red caviar

The catch is that red caviar is kept very short and the life is shorter than the time of transportation from the places where she came from. Output two to much salt or freeze. But there’s a third to add methenamine, or citric acid. The output is formaldehyde. “Salted caviar” is poison, and caviar is very salty and frozen safer — not tasty and not harmful.

  • Lollipops, barberry

Barberry and other candies no manufacturer makes no strong chemical essences.

  • Sprats

The product contains the carcinogen benzpyrene, which accumulates in the body and can lead to fatal consequences.

  • Dairy products with a long shelf life

Experts say: if milk is stored up to 2 weeks, it is still compatible with life, and if more — then the product packaging is antibiotics.

  • Watermelons

To watermelons appeared on the shelves before the end of August, you need a lot of chemistry.

  • Chickens

Broilers can not grow without growth hormones. Poor chickens get a huge amount of female hormones, including progesterone, but because their meat is very dangerous — especially for men.

  • Processed cheese

The doctors say that the cheese is absolutely not digested by the stomach.

  • Sweet drinks

It is a mix of sugar, chemistry and gases. Killer cocktail quickly distributes in the body from harmful substances, and instantly causes poisoning, which we are not always able to diagnose.

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