What kind of food tones and invigorates better coffee

If you relied on caffeine as the best “morning fuel”, it’s time to reconsider priorities. Nutritionists spoke about the products that invigorate not worse coffee, writes steaklovers.menu.


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Try to include in your diet these products:

  • Almonds

Raw almonds will give the morning dose of healthy fats and proteins, normalizing the blood sugar level. Also in the options included the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

  • Dark chocolate

Tile semidesyatiletnego dark chocolate you will instantly solve the morning problem of lack of vitality. Sweet source of iron and magnesium instead of another mug of hot coffee – now that’s a reasonable exchange.

  • Bananas

Calcium and vitamin In, which was so bursting with bananas, it will consolidate the blood sugar level to the desired level and slow down the digestive process. Hunger and tiredness will bother you again soon.

  • Bran

Morning diet needs variety, so one day instead of serving cereal, try bran flakes. Bran laid everything you need for a cheerful morning and a stable level of blood sugar — vitamin, iron, and magnesium.

  • Salmon

Portion of omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids in the morning – that’s what you’ve been looking for. Rich in such acids, the salmon will start your mental activity, will add strength and improve blood circulation.

  • Coconut

For bodybuilders, the phrase “medium triglycerides” should not be an empty sound – this compound has become popular as a fitness Supplement. Its source is coconut oil, so if in the morning you lack of strength, and get them where you need something immediately, the coconut you will help like nothing else can.

  • Legumes

Lentils, chickpeas or beans – choose what you like. But whatever you choose, the result will be the same – stabilization of glucose in blood and a strong support, which will not allow you to come to exhaustion by noon.

  • Eggs

Have already become the usual morning eggs is a convincing justification – iron, and protein contained in the yolk choline. All together – the Foundation of energy and brain activity.

  • Whole grains

In the early hours safely feast upon wheat, oats, buckwheat, rice and other whole grain products – carbohydrate, iron and vitamin b will do the job in any case.

  • Citrus

Weakened from the morning the body is an easy target for diseases. Complement your Breakfast with lemon or lime – so to take care of the immune system. Themselves then and thank.

  • Yogurt

Being a powerful source of beneficial microorganisms and bacteria, the yogurt strengthens the immune system, regulates digestion and gives strength.

  • Ginger tea

Caffeine and he loses the antioxidants and nutrients, which are rich in ginger tea. It’s time to put a bullet in your sentence coffee.