What is selfie lessons and how to learn to look in the frame relaxed and convincing

Video tutorials — useful as assistants in the preparation for the EIT and for those who wish to further explore the subject. And the teacher can show itself in all its glory and become popular. Such lectures there on almost any topic — with unusual approaches, simple explanation and interesting examples/experiences. Many experts in the field of education utverjdayut that such a video — the future of learning, and soon teachers will not have to explain the same topics at the blackboard.

We learned how teachers, professors, tutoral, etc. to see their strengths and weaknesses and to learn how to make video tutorials to look in the frame naturally and convincingly.


Teachers usually think that make a good or at least neutral impression. But judging by how they perceive their students, it is not always the case. Ignorance of the characteristics of their behavior often becomes the cause of conflict with students and their parents and hanging unpleasant labels.

The first is usually associated with the method and characteristics of the material: the teacher may think that he explains very simply and clearly, and the students see other: inconsistent explanation for reusable repetition of the same information, leap or even avoiding the topic of the lesson, the contamination of the language of words-parasites, etc.

The second reason is typically true of personal characteristics that make up the image of the teacher: appearance, voice pitch (high/low) and speech rate (fast/slow/lethargic), behavior in the classroom (walking through the audience, the way to fix your glasses every five minutes, yawn, gesture, etc.), specific reactions to the student responses (facial expression, aggression in his voice), etc.

“The teacher may not be aware of, since it is this behavior familiar. But the students can wreck a lesson and even to mock the teacher, says Kiev, psychologist, a leading public speaking courses Victoria Pasynchuk. In this case it is very useful to remove some of his lessons on video to see whether you yourself, as they say, and understand what needs to change to create a positive image”.

In the classroom. The teacher may not even know about their habits. Photo: S. Nikolaev


But even if a teacher shot herself on video, found not quite pleasing to the eye features of their behavior and even worked for them, does not mean that now he is an expert and can remove the video tutorials for the Internet. This requires some homework.

“A lot depends on comfortable eyes pictures — explains the Creator of the course in physics Igor Subbotin from Kiev. — You need to choose the lighting, the background, clothes and makeup. This is required to pull the attention of some detail: the skin seemed bluish because of the color of the walls, or bright lips do not create the impression that the screen has only the mouth. To check make the shot with different lighting, in two or three images. And another tip regarding how women and men: face powder to avoid Shine”.

TECHNIQUE. To remove video tutorials, a desirable camera, but the modern smartphone can do. “The main thing is to learn your gadget and put the best for this type of work settings”, — say the creators of the video courses preparation for the EIT Oksana and Oleg Dubnov from Kharkov.

MONOLOGUE AND POSTURE. Now I need to write a lesson and pick up its location at the screen and pose. “Clips the camera sees well. So don’t write the software but remove a few minutes and view the video — says the teacher of physics from Kiev Olga Borovik. — On the shooting-the”pen test,” I reminded myself of the hamster: the camera was located too close that added weight. You can sit, stand or full access (but you need to consider beforehand, you don’t show the back and closed the screen in the process of the tutorial). Well, if you’re sideways to the audience a good side of the face and holding a pencil or something that will allow you to occupy your hands during the monologue. And another tip: you need to learn at least basic editing to your videos, you may break some or cut necessary/unnecessary”.

VOICE. For video recording is very important manner of speech. “Remember, the video looks better if you speak slowly — a little slower than normal, says Kharkiv coach courses on the production of speech Svetlana Ganush. And agree to the end: the camera and the scene is very zametno their “swallowing”.


If the teacher is confident in himself and in his lesson, can be removed directly during school hours. But this requires the consent of all parents (or shooting will have to conduct so that the kids didn’t get the shot) and administration of educational institution: many schools have an internal document prohibiting photography without permission. As a rule, it applies to students as gadgets distract not only those who use them, but all the children of the class. However, the same rules can exist for teachers. As for parents, many believe that the school is a public place and shoot anyone, anytime. But there are those who fear that the survey is not only a violation of privacy, but the safety of children.

“If there is no limit on the level of in-school documentation, the survey is not illegal or infringing on anyone’s rights. But if you are going to put a video online, you will have to enlist the support of parents,” explains Kiev lawyer in private practice Eugene Olifrienko.