Jam nut, produced in Bitlis, is in great demand among German and Russian

Jam nut produced in the district Adilcevaz (Bitlis), because of its nutritional value and flavor are in demand, including in Germany and Russia. Manufacture of nut jam in the center Adilcevaz initiated by the former head of the district administration Oral Karakaya (Oral Karakaya) in 2002, after seeing this delicacy in Nakhichevan. Today, for many families, the production of walnut jam has become a source of livelihood.

This year citizens with walnut orchards, could take part in training sessions for the production of jam, organized by the management of the Public education center with the support of the administration. Approximately 70 plantations and two mills in the region produced 30 thousand cans of jam nut per year.


One kilogram of jam, which goes not only in different regions of Turkey, but in Russia and Germany, sold for 15-25 pounds. Last year c mills operating in the district, abroad was sent three thousand jars of walnut jam. This year this figure will increase to five thousand cans.

“With 60 thousand trees are harvested two tons of nuts”

Walnuts of Adilcevaz features high nutritional value and aroma, says the head of the district administration Arif Karaman (Karaman Arif).

Adilcevaz nuts have a high content of unsaturated fats and taste great, he continues. “Nuts not only helps in many diseases, but also prevent aging of the human body, prevent the development of Alzheimer’s disease, stimulate the brain. With 60 thousand trees in our area is going to about two thousand tons of nuts per year,” — said Karaman.

Jam nut is considered as an analogue of the chestnut trees in the Sahara, according to Karaman. Although these two products differ in taste, in the production process have a lot in common.

In the production of jam nut mostly employed women. “Our jam lasts for ages and can be consumed throughout the year. He has a wonderful taste and aroma, this organic product. We are proud of our women who participate in the production,” says Karaman.

According to the Director of Public education center Emre yılmaz (Yılmaz Emre), training courses for the production of walnut jam is aimed at attracting the attention of more people and provide even greater contribution of this product in the economy.

The technology of preparation

Ostler, Ilhan (Ilhan Özatlar), a manufacturer of organic hazelnut jam on his farm, notes that before this product gets to our table, is very time-consuming process.

“First, we collect unripe walnuts the size of a few more hazelnuts and remove the tape. Soak for ten days in water to remove the bitterness, change the water every day. Then immersed in soda or lime mortar. Next, the thus treated nuts again wash thoroughly in water, in several places pierce with a fork and place in sugar syrup. To nuts given the aroma, with boiling seasoned with cinnamon and cloves. Boil for four to five hours, Packed in jars and stored in a cool place,” says Ostler.