Trump told when you receive the vaccine from COVID-19

The American leader still, which country invented it first

The vaccine for coronavirus infection, which continues to claim lives around the world, can be invented by the end of this year. This was stated by the President of the United States Donald trump.

“I think we will have a vaccine by the end of the current year”, – said the American leader on air of TV channel Fox News.

Trump said that for him there is no difference, which country will create the drug first. He also admitted that from COVID-19 in the United States can die from 80 to 90 thousand people, and is “already a success”.

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Note that, according to the world health organization, now pharmaceutical companies and research groups develop at least 70 different vaccines against coronavirus. But the vaccine manufacturers are not coordinated.

One of the most promising candidates for vaccines in the world was developed by a team at Oxford University in London. Last month, scientists from the National institutes of health has inoculated six rhesus monkeys at the Oxford vaccine and then exposed them to the effects of coronavirus.

How is testing the vaccine on humans – see the video:

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