2017: How are we going to eat

2016 year called annus horribilis (horrible year) after the death of a number of celebrities and election results, find themselves far from the wishes of Gramellini (Gramellini). However, it is quite natural to have some suspicions as to how good will be the starting year. It is difficult to predict the policy response of the markets and some other things, but if we look at the important (for food), there will be many innovations, which, given the fashion trends, can play a very positive role. 2017 will bring to our kitchens (or rather, in the kitchens of those who can afford it) numerous innovations, some of them can only admire, others disgust.

Moley Robotics, a company headquartered in London, announced the launch of a kitchen robot, mechanical arms which will retire the chef Cracco (Cracco) and his colleagues. The cost of this food is estimated at 10 thousand dollars, it is a high-tech development, a number of recipes in which is comparable to the iTunes library, and the dishes she cleans too. Not far behind Samsung, it has launched a number of “smart” appliances, which refrigerator is the Family Hub, which in addition to the weather, and listening to music allows its owner to shop through the Internet directly via a door with a built-in touch screen. The estimated cost of the refrigerator is 5 thousand euros.

In 2017, we see not only technological innovations, but to observe and return to my roots, to the exotic, to the East. In new York the popular Ayurvedic diet. This approach to food (of course complex), the main revolutionary feature of which is, apparently, the abundant use of turmeric. Ingredients (of course, fresh, natural, biological) will become the new beacons for those who have lost faith, and guarantee them happiness, a balanced diet and freedom from all mental and physical ailments. Divya’s Kitchen, the first restaurant of its kind open in Manhattan for $ 22 offers its visitors a lasagna consisting of the following ingredients (vegetarian and gluten-free): pesto, spinach, broccoli, carrots, and a Bechamel made with almond milk. The dessert menu includes three types of soothing tea, given that this kind of dinner ensures outburst of angry emotions.

Asian spice will also be absolute to reign in the new soft drinks that are in Vogue in the coming year. Beer, cocktails, wine will be drinking a lot of retrogrades, and generation Z, according to the BBC, will come off on the stacks, filled with the same turmeric, water, passed through a filter with activated carbon, various types of smoothies and soft alcohol Seedlip. A bottle of it costs twice as much as vodka. The pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, and rejection of the fights will capture and festivals. In addition to rock concerts and movie marathons in London held mass fitness festivals, which among other sponsors are Nike and Reebok. One three-day marathon of step-aerobics and crossfit will make you completely forget about Woodstock, Glastonbury and Tomorrowland.

The new year will be and vegans, but more popular will be to use “navegante”, consisting mainly in the appearance of new ingredients and recipes ranging from breadfruit trees, Indian fruit, which on Amazon is like a bottle of champagne, to the nuggets of cauliflower and a sharp decline in the number of soybean. Still from Asia, the European markets will flock to fermented foods such as Korean kimchi and Kombucha tea. Among the positive properties — reduction of swelling, restoration of fertility, strengthen immunity, energy and most importantly increase libido.

Finally, this year could spark the passion entomophaga. Insects, after the approval of the EU law on the new products can gain popularity (on a voluntary basis) in the kitchen of the old continent.

The new year will bring to our kitchens new technology, new tastes and new ingredients. Of course, all biological, vegetarian, produced within walking distance (or at least Asian) and certainly does not contain gluten.