Yatsenyuk called the main problem of the Minsk agreements

Ukraine must call on the West to restart negotiations with Russia, says politician

Ukraine needs to change the line on negotiations in “Norman” format
to Moscow has not set on our earth their new province. The leader of the party “national front”, the Prime Minister (2014-2016) Arseniy Yatsenyuk wrote on his Facebook.

“Completed another “channel” meeting. Virtual in form and content,” he said.

“Russia does nothing and does not intend to comply. Despises Western negotiators. The “divorce” of our representatives. And for those lacking of experience, knowledge and nature”, – wrote Yatsenyuk.

He recalled that Russia’s aggression against Moldova began in the early 1990s.

“But Moscow was not punished, but rather secured the status of “observer” in the conflict. The international peace process continues. For almost thirty years”, – said the leader of the popular front.

“Russia attacked Georgia in 2008. Moscow is once again in the status of “observer”. The international peace process continues. More than ten years“, – said Yatsenyuk.

“In our situation all too clear for a long time. The Minsk process is stalled. In his bog he would be hanging around for years,” he said.

Yatsenyuk is convinced that the problem is not only that Moscow is not fulfilling Minsk agreements: “the Main problem is that the Minsk agreements are not able to bring peace”.

“Norman format is mired in virtual reality. No real step forward. Years”, – said the leader of the popular front.

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“The current government lose Moscow the initiative and lose their international positions. This record should be stopped,” – he stressed.

“Ukraine has to submit to the UN Security Council evidence of persistent violations by Russia of our sovereignty and peace agreements since the last summit in Paris,” – said Yatsenyuk.

“Ukraine needs to encourage the United States, European Union, Germany and France to restart the negotiation process”, – he added.

Yatsenyuk said that “Russia’s failure to implement the Minsk agreements must be formally recognized by our partners and noted as an international legal fact.”

“The way to real peace must encompass a new global format of the negotiations, the extension of sanctions against the aggressor, the deployment of an international peacekeeping mission and through full implementation of the provisions of our law on occupied territories, is OK thanks to the “popular front” in 2018. This should be our position”, – wrote ex-the Prime Minister.

“Enough to be silent, patient and helplessly beyond the brash actions of Putin and his minions. Our people are suffering. The naive experiments of the authorities they are not defended and will not defend”, – said Yatsenyuk.

“If Ukraine will continue the line of “virtual” pseudodiploid of that is happening now, then Moscow will do everything to set on our earth their new province“, – concluded the leader of “National front”.

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