Without which will not be allowed in the EU: everything you need to know about insurance

Ukrainians from July 11 without visas can travel to the countries of the European Union. According to experts, many tourists do not know that, according to Ukrainian law, when travelling abroad, you need to take out health insurance. And the existence of the policy can check. The website “Today” found out why you need insurance and where it can be arranged.

Who and why need insurance

According to the visa code, for crossing the border with the European Union medical insurance – mandatory. After the liberalization of the visa regime this document the Ukrainians no longer apply. Now Ukrainians go to the EU according to the rules described in the Schengen border code.

The main thing – to bring a biometric passport and the necessary amount of cash (or Bank card). Also be useful a hotel reservation (or an invitation from a citizen of a country who is willing to provide shelter) and return ticket. Medical insurance according to European law, a mandatory order is necessary only for those who have not yet issued a biometric passport and continues to travel with the visa. As well as those who travel through travel agencies (subject to the law “On tourism”).

However, as explained by lawyer Alexander Plakhotnik, Ukrainian law also defines the procedure for travel abroad. “In the ninth article of the law “On procedure of departure…” clearly States that Ukrainian must be insured. This is explained simply: if you urgently need medical help, not every country is ready to provide it for free. The law protects you, making it obligatory to take out health insurance. Another thing is that the implementation of this obligation in countries in which the visa-free regime with Ukraine, are often not in control”, – says the lawyer.

“In the ninth article of the law “On procedure of departure…” clearly States that Ukrainian must be insured. This is explained simply: if you urgently need medical help, not every country is ready to provide it for free,” says the lawyer.

Besides, on the official website of all-Ukrainian campaign on visa-free travel reads: the Ukrainians can check the availability of insurance, although its absence is not a cause for refusal of entry.

To save on insurance is not worth it, experts say. If, for example, to twist an ankle playing badminton on the beach, the owners cheap health insurance company these medical expenses may not cover. An ordinary policy covers some medical expenses, transportation and repatriation.

With insurance it is possible to save, I’m sure the Chairman of the Board of First Ukrainian international Bank (FUIB) Sergey Chernenko. “Most Ukrainians have a rest no more than a week or two. Insurance policy can be issued for 30 days stay abroad and use it several times during the year. For example, in August for a trip to the sea in Turkey or even Thailand, and in may of the following year for excursion in one of the countries of the European Union”, – says Sergey Chernenko.

How to choose insurance

Sergey Chernenko advises to pay attention to the institution that issue the policy. It should be a reliable Bank or insurance company. Health insurance “Traveler” acquired in FUIB branch office, it operates worldwide, taking it all the Consulate and Embassy. To obtain insurance in any branch of the Bank. For the past two years the owners of “Mandria” compensation for the sum over 700 thousand hryvnias. Moreover, the payment had not denied any of the clients.

It is also important to understand what the format of the rest is assumed to choose the policy with the required list of covered insurance risks. For example, in the framework of insurance “Traveler”, you can select packages “Tourism”, “Tourism Sport”, “Tourism + Sport + ski”. Price – from 10 to 30 dollars at the exchange rate of the NBU.

“Traveler” covers medical expenses for outpatient and inpatient treatment, the costs of transportation and repatriation, personal accidents (injuries, fractures, dislocations, etc.), administrative costs (telephone calls, hotel accommodation after treatment).

Recall, to obtain insurance for free by filling out a credit card “SoloМандры”. Along with the card in the Bank branch will give a travel insurance policy for 30 days of stay abroad, which is valid for a year. Read more about what is this map and how to use it, you can read here.

“The card allows you to pay abroad without commissions. And if you return spent on credit for up to 62 days – in addition to the Bank will not have to pay”, – says Sergey Chernenko.

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