“Dunkirk” is a war drama Christopher Nolan

In his latest picture “interstellar” (2014) Christopher Nolan (Christopher Nolan) boldly rushed into the depths of space. Now he rushes in shallow coastal waters. The main action of the film “Dunkirk” (“Dunkirk”) occurs on the beaches and in the vicinity of the beaches of Northern France near the Belgian border, where at the end of may and beginning of June 1940 was to be very dangerous. The British expeditionary force sent to France on the eve of autumn, was forced ignominiously to retreat. In the result many thousands of allied troops were blocked in the town of Dunkirk, appressed to the sea, the soldiers waited for the salvation. They were a perfect target for flying over the beach German planes. Fortunately, help arrived — for their evacuation arrived not only the ships of the British Navy. To the place of the dramatic events were sent back and a whole flotilla of nearly seven hundred small ships and boats, which later became known as the detachment of the “little ships”. Ultimately, the result of the operation, which Churchill called “a miracle of deliverance” came back to England more than three hundred thousand people.

It is unlikely that this Saga can claim the title of Hollywood’s outstanding work, especially for its Creator (Director and screenwriter) in the Arsenal of which is the trilogy “the Dark knight”. It is hard to imagine a story that would be more isolated from the point of view of geography. Dunkerque is inscribed in the British mythology of the Second world war, and even now the British from time to time talking about the “spirit of Dunkirk”. But widespread outside of Britain, this story has not received — for obvious reasons. Operation Dynamo (the code name for the evacuation) was not a victory, and the transaction allowed a miracle to prevent a catastrophe and held immediately after what Churchill himself, speaking in the House of Commons, bitterly called “a colossal military disaster” in Belgium and France. Many countries, preferring to talk about simple and unambiguous victories already “hushed” would be such an event and would forget about him with a mixed feeling of embarrassment and relief. However, what happened at Dunkirk, is something that resonates in the hearts of the British. After all, it is characteristic of love to scenes of the miraculous rescue in which the characters that are the verge of death, manages to survive thanks to the courage and bravery. In addition, they are always appreciated bravery, courage and ability to improvise — as in the case of sending the “Little ships”. Nolan’s interest in this subject is quite clear — he was born in London in 1970 and belongs to that generation — perhaps the last — which brought up the example of the amazing and inspiring story of Dunkirk. But that’s why he needs to tell her everything?

The key to this puzzle is given at the beginning of the film. At the top of the screen appear the words “1. Pierce”, “2. Sea” and “3. “Air” They present us with three storylines that will develop for about a hundred minutes — please note that not all listed basic elements. Pier is jutting into the sea a concrete pier in the harbour of Dunkirk, and the air is “field of activity” pilot of the British fighter Spitfire (Tom hardy). When we first see him, not the screen, it’s already in the air in a group of three aircraft. We did not know what squadron he serves. And what was his life on earth. In most cases we see only his eyes over the flight points, and only at the end of the film we show you the whole thing. And only then following the credits, we learn that his name is Ferrier. Must be That hardy took almost the whole morning to learn his lines, which he seems to have been even less than in the dialogues in the movie “Mad Max: fury Road.” Although, as far as we know from his brilliant work in that film, the fewer the words we hear, the better we understand his character, and probably the more it is inner strength that he holds. At some point in the “Dunkirk” Ferrier, whose fuel is running out, must make a difficult decision: to pursue a German bomber that was targeting a military vehicle, filled, evacuated, or to turn around and fly home before it ran out of fuel. He says nothing, but his eyes are all clear. We read his thoughts, and him — as well as every movement of the wings of his plane — all understand.

Further on a course of action such clarity no longer. The soldiers lined up on the Bank hoping to get on one of those standing in the Harbor of the ships, but mostly around — the ominous silence. People can rip to shreds the next bomb, and nobody knows where it goes. Through the crowd pushed two young British soldier with stretchers which trying to get on Board one of the wounded — and thus, perhaps, secretly slip into the cabin. Gradually one of them, Tommy (Fionn Whitehead) becomes one of the Central figures in the drama, although to call him a hero not because “Dunkirk” the main character is not. In fact, the scene fading different characters. Among them — the commander Bolton (Kenneth Branagh), who runs the boarding ships. Alex (Harry styles), one of the soldiers waiting for evacuation, which Tommy meets halfway. And scared to death of a nameless man (Cillian Murphy), whom he found trembling under the inverted vessel. At first he was silent, but then vaguely says: “Submarine.”

Meanwhile, across the channel towards Dunkirk sent a small boat Moonstone, the controls that should the owner of Dawson (mark Rylance). (In truth, most of the “Little ships” was requisitioned for the implementation of the crossing of the Strait, but there were exceptions, so Dawson tsvetovaya before the Board may rise men in uniform). The characteristic noise coming from the air, he discovers the Spitfire fighter, not even raising his head. Engine rolls-Royce Merlin,” he says. — The most enjoyable sound that you can here to hear.” He is as laconic as the rest of the characters in the movie, which, apparently, are either in shock from the whole event, or focused and determined. But the Winner, as always, demonstrates his strength of spirit and determination is simple and clear gestures. Leaving, he takes off the jacket and not the entire navigation connected with tough tests, we see him in a white shirt, tie and sweater. The impression that he was going on Sunday to do a little work in the garden, not to send home the crowd of his countrymen, nearly drowned and soaked with oil. Away from the cold inhospitable shores.

How do you explain the impression “Dunkerque”? After all, in many ways, the film is far from perfect, and many of the themes Nolan has decided not to develop. Those who want to understand the intricacies of the operation “Dynamo” will be confused and disappointed. As those who expected to see in the movie senior strategists, bent over a map in a darkened rooms for operational meetings. (In the film we hear one of the speeches of Churchill, but only when the text of newspaper reads aloud a young man). Since it is a historical drama film unconvincing. Most of the soldiers that appear to have exhausted, exhausted because of meager rations, fairly nourished, beautiful and clearly are among our contemporaries. In addition, they in some strange way correct to say, and their speech lacks the black humor, which elsewhere in the war the soldiers are trying to alleviate the hardships of his soldier life and to overcome fear. The most notable anachronism are tears appearing in the eyes of Bolton at the sight of the approaching shore of the “Little ships”. As a rule, senior officers involved in mass evacuation of troops, to shed tears, have neither the time nor the desire.

Nevertheless, the film is impressive. The plot is constantly evolving together and raced and retreating like a wave, and then suddenly gushes over salt water, like a slap in the face. In the sky we see the pilot trying to land his crippled Spitfire in the water, and everything runs smoothly. And then the other pilot does the same thing, and we watch as he provodnitsa. To him with the noise of rushing water which gushed into the cabin, filling it with alarming speed. The pilot struggles to move the canopy to get out, but he won’t budge. A different angle of view, a smooth sense of harmony suddenly turns into anxiety and then panic. The same thing happens when we see a crowd of rescued soldiers sitting below deck on a warship. They handed out bread and jam (as in any time of crisis, since it is a “British” project) mugs of tea. But the ship hits a torpedo. Everything was plunged into darkness and disappearing under the water. People turn into some creatures of the depths. In the water, like a fish, waving a pale hand.

Nolan says that “Dunkerque” is a film not so much about war, but about the salvation and survival. But, judging by the way the film lures us, draws and holds, not letting go, the idea of the film much easier. Here we are talking about what we do (how we suffer as a resist), when something happens and when events out of our control. The film has a lot of different actions, and many of them brave and heroic, in particular, those that we see in aerial combat Ferriera. But the focus still there are people who are experiencing pain and suffering. Except for a few obscure figures, appearing in the last frame of the film, the Germans are not visible at all. Look at the English, who are hiding in a beached fishing boat, which is invisible to enemy troops used as targets. Look at the soldiers standing on the pier waiting for evacuation. When a bomb goes off nearby, they turn away, and they are bombarded by a hail of shards; We, like they, do not see the explosion. And we have to feel the fear that they feel.

Events are developing rapidly. Constantly alternating storylines, Nolan, expertly making up everything else, does not allow us to relax, bringing down on us the next batch of dramatic events. Music by Hans Zimmer, perhaps borrowed from the Adagio of Elgar’s “Nimrod”, the most Patriotic of the variations on an original theme “Enigma”, although such pomposity here is not required. The rest are all more in line with the intrigue of the film is disturbing, waiting for more. String starts with machine-gun fire, and the ticking sound is not marking the clock, but the countdown before the explosion. Although the “Dunkerque” not as fancy as shot Norandom “Remember” (2000) or “the Beginning” (2010), the impact on our senses, there is little doubt. And rightly so, that at the end of the film, as it should be, all on fire. Land, sea, air and finally fire: all the major elements in the collection. The honor is saved, and doomed to die soldiers get home safely.