Waves of coronavirus is more than two: scientists startled forecast

The head of the Koch Institute proposes to prepare for a protracted struggle with the epidemic

While scientists threaten the world and Ukraine in particular, the second wave of the epidemic of coronavirusin Germany went further and suggested that waves of disease may be three.

In particular, this conclusion came the Director of the Institute Robert Koch Lothar Weiler, who heads the main German government research organization responsible for the control and prevention of diseases.

“The majority of scientists believes that there will be a second wave, maybe even third,” said Weiler at the briefing on April 30.

According to him, many scholars agree that the second wave will start in autumn this year.

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“Obviously, this virus will be present in our country for months. We will have months to live in this “new normality” – said the German expert.

We will remind that earlier the head of the Koch Institute urged to prepare for the fact that the coronavirus pandemic could last two years, and have been ill COVID-19 up to 70% of the world population.

To underestimate the words of the German scholar it is difficult, in fact it is Institute in February predicted that the epidemic of the coronavirus will ignite a worldwide pandemic and may particularly strongly affect countries with less developed health systems.

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