Diagnostics “on the knee”: how to determine the status of the most important organs

Many people are terrified of going to therapy. They are trying to circumvent the medical establishment in any circumstances, do not undergo any medical examinations and doctors turn to when the pain becomes unbearable. This attitude towards their health often ends in tears: diseases detected at later stages, and sometimes to cure them is impossible. What to do if time and desire to visit specialists there, and even fear to miss the beginning of the disease is not able to move you?

It turns out that there is a solution: to make a diagnosis of your condition can be at home, having some tests. You do not need any special equipment or medical education: is just a few minutes and you will be able to diagnose myself. About the most effective tests we were told Alexey Maksimenko, the family doctor.


Check the status light will help the match to light it and try to blow out the flame at arm’s length. Always take a deep breath through the nose and blow with your mouth! If it worked the first time with the respiratory system all right, but if not can blow out — it is weakened. This happens because of Smoking, lack of athletic performance and chronic respiratory diseases.

Another way to check the lungs — breath. It is advisable to do this test under water or at least close the nose with fingers (the flow of air can pass unnoticed for you). If you breathe in and at least minute soak with no air — healthy lungs. Their condition can be judged from the fact, can you inflate an ordinary balloon. Not strong enough? Might have problems.


The easiest way to check your visual acuity at home — use the table Golovin-Sivtseva. Find it on the Internet, print out and diagnose — the principle is the same as in the office of an ophthalmologist. But you can simplify the task and to check your vision with the help of the car. Go to any machine, turn around and make exactly 20 steps away from her. Then turn around and read the number. If you see it clearly, it means there is problems with vision.

To diagnose you can use computer programs and mobile apps: there is a test graphic that will help to determine whether hyperopia, myopia, astigmatism.

But such a serious violation, as macular degeneration, can be detected through a large window frame. Stand in front of it, close one eye and look at the frame for 30 seconds. Then repeat this with the second eye. After you open both eyes: if horizontal or vertical lines are distorted — you could have early stage macular degeneration. Without treatment this disease can lead to complete loss of vision!


Indirect evidence of problems with the gastrointestinal tract very much. Pain after a meal indicate a stomach issues, night “hungry” pain indicate a problem with the duodenum 12, heartburn tells about the acidity, delay of stool and excessive flatulence — of violations of bowel function, bitter taste in the mouth — a sign of liver dysfunction or bile. Any of these symptoms should alert you and cause a trip to the doctor.

But at home you can easily check the acidity of the stomach. For this mix 1 tsp of baking soda in water and drink the solution on an empty stomach. Within five minutes you have to get belching — this will mean that the acid balance in normal. The lack of education of the air (burping) when you mix soda and the acid of gastric juice — an indirect sign of low pH.


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To diagnose internal organs with the help of plaque on the tongue. Take a clean spoon and scrape across the tongue. After this, wrap the spoon in a plastic bag and put it under a bright lamp for 1 minute. The RAID needs to stay clean and without unpleasant odor. If it changed color (grey, yellow or any other) and began to stink, it can be a sign of disorders in the gastrointestinal tract or the respiratory organs.


This test is not suitable for people with high blood pressure or frequent pulse, but diagnoses the state of the heart in healthy people. Count the pulse, 20 times then slowly sit down and then count. If it’s above 120 beats per minute (and does not fall below 90 for 5 min), it is a signal that there are problems.

You can also see if there are arrhythmias. Sit down, feel the arm pulse and begin to knock each kick. If knock is uneven, you probably have arrhythmia.


The most famous and easy of neurological text — posture Romberga. Become middle of the room so that there were no items. Heels together, toes apart, hands down. Then close your eyes, pull the front of both hands and touch the tip of his nose with the index finger (first right, then left hand). Blunders should not be! If you can’t “find” the space for his nose — so there is neurological damage.

Another way to test the neurological system to draw from memory a clock that show 16:40. You can’t do? This is one of the early signs of dementia (dementia). Also neurological system can be tested with the help of a sheet of paper: pull hands in front of him palms down and place on top of an ordinary sheet of paper. If you noticed a strong shaking (light acceptable), maybe low blood sugar, early stages of Parkinson’s disease or problems with the thyroid gland.


The easiest way to check whether all is well with the joints, ligaments and muscles, — sit down: at any age, people should be free to squat forward, arms outstretched. There is a crunch in joints and discomfort? May began to develop osteoarthritis or other joint disease. In a healthy person, the knee crunching should not — allowed 1-2 lung crackles. To test the flexibility if to stand, without bending knees, bend over and touch palms floor. Or sit on the floor with legs extended and reach hands to toes. It turned out easy? You’re in great shape! No sports, to prevent weakening of the muscular corset.
You can still lay on the floor a thick blanket and walk on his knees if the joints healthy, such a walk will not hurt.


Press for 2-3 seconds the nail plate so that it is slightly turned white, and then release. If after 2-3 seconds returned the pink color is the blood supply of peripheral tissues good. And if the nail remains white or blue is a sign that blood is not enough oxygen.

Another way to test the circulatory system — lower fingers for 30 seconds in a glass of ice water. If the tips become white or blue, and for a long time it is not returned to a natural color — you have violations of blood circulation. Also at home you can learn that there are problems with the arteries. Lie down on the sofa and put your feet up so they were at an angle of 45 degrees. A minute later, abruptly sit down, bending your knees and lowering to the floor. If you feel numbness, and the feet become pale, or, on the contrary, blushed and returned to normal 1-2 minutes, blood vessels are occluded. Contact your doctor, otherwise there will be problems with the pressure and stroke can happen. You can still find the artery on the foot — it should pulsate. No pulse — not okay!