Diet 9 days: what is its main strength and why it is very dangerous

The basic nuances of diet

During the first three days you must eat 250 g (dry grain, ready-made porridge can be more) of white long grain rice (Basmati). This amount of cereal for the whole day, it should be divided into six portions. The last meal — not later than eight in the evening. Plus, during the day you should eat 3 teaspoon of honey and drink 2.5 litres of still water.

In the next three days you must eat cooked chicken (every day weighing about 1200 g, cook a), removing it from the skin and also dividing into 6 portions.

The last three days — vegetables: 500 grams of raw vegetables, boiled or stewed (no salt and oil) per day. This number, again, divide into 6 portions. Per day should drink at least 2 liters of water and eat 3 teaspoons of honey, you can drink unlimited green tea.

The expected effect

Diet, though, and lasts almost a week and a half, due to the fact that protein (meat), carbohydrates (porridge), minerals and vitamins (vegetables), does not deprive the body of nutrients. However, this food, in fact, is the three mono: they shake the body three times in a row. Such a cascade microstresses stimulates the metabolism, resulting in weight loss (10 kg) and cleansing of the body.

What really


  • Karina Deyneko, a nutritionist, a fitness center Tsarsky City Resort:

Although this type of diet for quick weight loss is one of the safest, and he has a lot of years, unwanted consequences it can cause. Today there are more rational methods of cleansing and rapid weight loss, delicious. And this is the diet three day only one pic — it is not really adds to the mood.

With regard to the effects on the body, it will the next.

Three day supply of rice (subject to water regime) will have the effect of “cleansing” from toxins and drain excess water. But will not give the desired acceleration of metabolism, and therefore, will not be fully expended body fat: weight reduced due to removal of excess fluid.

White rice is the carbohydrate porridge of all. Coupled with honey three-day food such porridge can overload insulin apparatus of the pancreas, which is not the most healthy impact on metabolism, especially in people with excess weight. Also the 3-day rice diet may not give effect, if people only care about 1-2 extra pounds.

More than one kilogram of meat a day is too much: in the body will be an excess of nitrogenous substances (products of protein breakdown), resulting in an increasing number of toxins in the body. Especially considering the fact that drinking a lot in those three days, according to the diet not worth it.
In addition, excess protein in the diet (especially red meat) triggers the mTOR system, giving impetus to the accelerated aging process. The result of such reactions can be observed in bodybuilders diet which is saturated in proteins: they look older than their age. Also, as a rule, people who are overweight already have a surplus of uric acid (product of protein metabolism), and food for three days one meat can cause them kidney failure and inflammation of the joints.

Fruit days are best to unload the digestive tract will have a detoxifying effect, and they are harmless for almost all people.

Again: reduce weight in a short time can be more delicious, and no extra testing for health, but only if there are so-called “extra” 1-5 kg. But people who have more than five kilograms of excess weight, this diet is not suitable it will be for their body a lot of stress. Adipose tissue — hormonal, and quick loss of fatty tissue will result in a quick restructuring of the endocrine and circulatory systems, which will adversely affect the organism as a whole.


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Alternative diet

For quick weight loss in healthy people, in 1-2 weeks you must:

1. Divide the diet into five methods: the three main combine easily digestible protein (eggs, chicken breast, dairy products, fish) and vegetables. The vegetables should be a large part of the daily diet.

2. Snacking in between veggies. Portion — no more than 250-350 g per sitting. Use dressings based on olive oil and lemon, herbs.

3. After 15:00 is removed from the diet starchy vegetables (carrots, beets, potatoes, squash): though they have a fairly low glycemic index, but have the ability to increase the synthesis of insulin. And that after lunch you do not need if you are aiming to reduce weight.

4. Several times a week (optimally not more than 2), even with such a carbohydrate-free diet, you can include fasting days to speed up metabolism: lymphatic drainage and light protein products (sour berries, grapefruit, kiwi, cucumbers). These days, the taboo on caffeinated drinks and salt.