Terrible price pornography

Sorry if this excerpt from the Telegraph has upset you, but we can’t turn away from this disaster. In that article the author recalls a conversation with other moms about how difficult it is to raise children, where pornography is widespread. Here is an excerpt from the article:

Two participants of the conversation said that they had to delicate and causing huge embarrassment conversations on this subject with their adolescent children. “My son should know: contrary to what he may see on your computer, there are things that the girl is not right to do on the first date or the fifth, and maybe do,” said Joe.

Family doctor (we’ll call her sue) said: “I’m Afraid the situation is much worse than we think”. In recent years, sue often have to treat young women with injuries to internal organs that is caused by frequent anal sex. As sue found out, they did it not because they wanted to and not because they liked it (just the opposite), but because they wanted their partners. “I’ll spare you the disgusting details — said the doctor — but these girls are very young and fragile, and their bodies are simply not designed for that.”

Her patient terribly ashamed of such damages. They lie about it to the mothers, they think that they are not able to admit it, and it depresses them even more. When sue started to ask the girls in detail, they told me that they felt humiliated from such proposals, but just couldn’t say no. Today anal sex is widespread among young people, although the girls know that it hurts.

Sitting at the table the mother was stunned and silent, although some of us involuntarily exclaimed in disgust and disbelief.

The thing is that the clinic sue is not in some ghetto where the girls brutally bullied, or where the practice is widespread as a means of contraception. No, she works in the green heart of Hampshire. Coming to her with injuries, girls are often not reached the age of sexual maturity, many from loving and strong families. These girls a couple of generations ago, loved horse riding and ballet, and not even kissed. And they are not forced to painful sex no Teens, to draw ideas on the physical proximity of pornographic videos on their smartphones.

You think that if you are “nice” people, and your children go to a Christian school, it will protect them from such atrocities? Do not even dream. I’m fed up with parents who allow their children unlimited use of the Internet and absolutely not teaching them how to cope with problems. They somehow think that their child will not find pornography, or because of her look at all, there is nothing wrong.

They don’t want to face reality, because in this case they will have to radically change life in your family, including forcing children to behave with peers strange and unusual.

But what is the alternative? Recently, a priest from a conservative Christian College told me that all the young men, whom he helps prepare for admission to a Seminary after graduation, experiencing an unhealthy addiction to pornography (that is, they look at it mechanically and can’t stop even if you want to). Into this trap fell 16 boys — conservative, attend Church, willing to serve God and people as pastors. And you think that your children can not happen? Oh really?

This is not just a crisis of morality. It is a crisis of society. This crisis is destroying something vital and precious. Here’s the story about the disaster that happened in Japan. This is an excerpt:

According to a new study, almost half of the Japanese and Japanese women who turn 30 years old, have no sexual experience.

The country sharply reduced the population, and young people are increasingly abstaining from sex and avoiding romantic relationships.

Some men say that women feel terrible. And in one survey found that 43% of the Japanese and Japanese women aged 18 to 34 are virgins and virgins.

One woman, when asked why 64% of people the same age do not enter into sexual relations, responded that, in her opinion, men do not want to invite women on dates, because it is much easier to watch porn on the Internet.

It’s one thing when you’re a virgin, because he decided to abstain until marriage for religious or moral reasons. It’s quite another when it’s due to a fear of emotional and physical intimacy, and for that reason you prefer to sit at home and watch porn.

We conduct a radical experiment, what never happened in history, because it was impossible. What happens to people and society when images, and moving images of the most bizarre and violent sex acts any person can see anytime, anywhere? How it affects our brains, our minds, our souls? How does this affect us as people?

I always say that the choice of St. Benedict is not a retreat. But when I read stories of this kind, it seems to me that I must change my point of view. After all, if there is access to the Internet, porn finds you. I’m talking about the background not in the literal and in a figurative sense, referring to the radical departure from this mortal danger.

Let’s say that pornography should not enslave the minds and hearts of our children in childhood. The day will come, and we want that they married and started a family, if that is their calling. Right? Now think about how ubiquitous pornography affects the ability of our children to find life partners who will love them body and soul, will care for them and empathize, making it virtuous and pious. Separate family with this crisis will not cope. We have to do it in a team, community, and in conditions when relevant to our values — indifferent and even contemptuous. Not only do we need to do everything possible to protect against this, our sons and daughters. We have to rescue from it those children who have already fallen into this trap.

This woman doctor from Britain treats young underage girls from fecal incontinence. They are not able to control yourself and hold back, because the sphincter of the anus they have stretched and weakened from anal sex. I know you are uncomfortable about it even to read. Me too. But turn from this, we can’t. We can’t turn our backs on those young men who are sure to demand sex from a girl right, good and necessary.