Horoscope for October 1-7: Taurus should avoid the “left” petty intrigues, and the Scorpions will find the key to the difficult puzzles

ARIES. Declare war on bad habits, change yourself, filling the soul with virtue, then to change the world! Do not resort to bravado, manipulation, curb leadership ambitions. Now you are in absolute dependence on the will, actions, interests and resources of other people, so definitely go for a compromise, unite efforts, create a database of cooperation for the next year.

The theme of partnership is key, with the couple live in love and harmony, not the time to change horses in midstream. You have a common goal, and together you will reach it by the shortest route. Your role in the Union — to give a chance to elect self-actualization as individuals contributing the maximum in all. And don’t you dare twist office romances!

TAURUS. All around you the secret will be revealed, the wolves in sheep’s clothing will show an actual face, not a rebellion, and humbly go with the flow of circumstances, solving problems as they update.

Creativity should be at work and when you are asked to do something, to help for a fee. Busily through the house, are willing to pull the who of everyday problems. Personal happiness is largely dependent on relatives. They rock.

If the heart had a fire of passion direct these impulses to the pious and not burn it in vain “left” affair.

GEMINI. Less bother all sorts of problems, all in a hurry to love, to create, to inspire those who are discouraged. For that fate will send a reward. Life is a game, and you adapt to its rules, only with the mind.

Be the center of attention, defiliruya in public — is a powerful charging and the ability to create people a holiday.

Depending on circumstances you can personally direct the scenarios and to transform into the desired image, to impress others brilliant artistry on the stage of life.

Have fun with Suginami and remember: in the native hearth your passion will flare up with double force. Could fly love angels.

CANCERS. You will be torn between two fronts: family and work. Official Olympus not tear, and be content with the role of the contractor and take care of family well-being.

Obey the boss, any showdown threatens a fatal loss of reputation. Will be enriched thanks to the inspired work, the revitalization of the family business. Work less but efficiently, feeling the face. Overwork is strictly prohibited. Hateful job is a vampire.

Move, change the setting in the road or near the house awaits you a romantic acquaintance. And remember, now “want” specifies the fateful route sanctifies your actions on all fronts.

Listen to own sensations, soul if somebody requirements opposed, so it should be. Put the point there.

October 5-6 — critical days.

The LIONS should diversify the Genesis, add a vivid emotional colors in the life palette. Move, you all will be welcomed with joy and love, meet interesting people, enriching the spiritual vessels fresh impressions. The world is now woven from delicate, harmonious vibrations, where one can dissolve in the ecstasy of love satellite heart, to catch a creative buzz from work or any activity, getting the maximum pleasure.

Minor roles avoid, now everywhere you commander and mentor!

VIRGO. You are charming, sexy, live a full existence, cherish in my heart the joy, the implementation of the secret plans of gaining successful revolutions, where “want” is to celebrate the victory.

It is necessary to revise revenue and expenditures to pay debt, to fulfill the promises. Avoid experiments that take nothing and rely only on themselves (the range of resources and opportunities), while those who hope on the back of a stranger in Paradise call, waiting for the whip of fate.

Go to the victim, do charity, then you will be healthy and wealthy.

LIBRA. Life river makes a sharp turn. Present yourself, you bright public leader and diplomat, able brilliantly to direct the collective energy in the right direction for yourself. But stop! No abuse, secret adventures, now you overcome the Rubicon, as it was before, it will not.

Use spiritual and legal laws, with no one to fight. Reconciled, unite, solve all the misunderstandings are friendly, respecting the compromise of interests, that all was well.

Your fateful landmark — reliable friends. If captured, romantic passion, long-term plans do not build. It’s a love sacrifice which in heaven will be counted.

SCORPIONS. Do not arrange a boycott of the circumstances, and humbly do what is required of you. Often privacy, then the intuition will prompt the correct decision. Many strange things hidden will become apparent. The key to complex puzzles. Misconceptions will burst like a soap bubble.

All unpredictable, get ready for new tasks and powers. Latte with the boss, colleagues, the stability of the working environment — the key to ascension career, material gain and good health. The main thing that work was favourite job and fit into the time requirements, of society.

Breeding pairs at the peak of passion.

ARCHERS. You are at the height of his popularity, energy gushes, if the goal is clear and correct, you will definitely reach in the circle of friends with whom to unite spiritual interests.

Activate the friendships and sift them through the sieve of rationality, all that’s left is the diamonds gold will join a friendly Fund.

Twist Lamour should not be. But to get boss the point is, if you value your career. However, everything need love in business, then this will push up the corporate ladder.

And remember: now you’re the picture of a pious nature, keep this good image, the public believes you. Any external provocation to discredit — is the machinations of the evil one.

CAPRICORNS. Move between home and work, the atmosphere is highly electrified, the family walls through radical changes. Pacify extravagance, to maintain harmony in the house.

In parallel, focus on the professional sphere (business), where the source of creative inspiration for career growth and realization of the global plans. You also in favour with the government.

With regard to material profit, you can count on the generosity of others, sacrificing their own savings.

Negotiate and unite resources, is the key to a productive result.

On the personal front, love the takeoff.

October 5-6 — critical days.

AQUARIANS. If you want to advertise themselves, achieve their goals, demonstrate all that rich, but only in the circle of trusted people with whom you have common business interests. But among unfamiliar individuals is better not to flaunt it, you don’t understand disgrace. Imposing one’s own thoughts, attitudes, interests, waste of energy. Listen to other’s advice, there is a grain of truth.

Lonely Aquarius should be to search for the ideal mate, this is your second “I” and a sexual magnet!

FISH. If you are overwhelmed with violent impulses and desires, the soul is suffering under the pressure of unmet “want” and pragmatic reality will not allow into heaven of bliss, look for a middle ground, “take-give” needs to be balanced.

Now you are addicted to the rational environment, which, fortunately, ready for generous gestures, but on condition that you deserved them and was not an ardent egoist.

Pious keep love on leash, they are attractive, sexy, and opponents can steal them.