Five ways to choose sweet and juicy watermelon

Ripe watermelon with a velvety and juicy flesh will come in handy on a hot day, the main thing is to choose delicious fruit. For this there are a few tips:

1. Size

Beware of large melons, because there is a possibility that this fruit grown with additives. A little watermelon can’t be too sweet. So the perfect size – medium, that is, weighing 5-7 pounds.

2. Ponytail

Each fruit, after a certain age and filled with moisture and nutrients, stops to eat from the Bush. Yes, and Bush is gradually starting to wither and fade. As a result, the need for connection with the Bush disappears, and the tail begins to dry. A ripe watermelon it will be completely dry.

3. Dent

Dent is a spot without color, which remains on the watermelon in the place where he lay. Well, if dent becomes yellow or slightly orange. This is typical of a ripe watermelon, while the young and immature most often it is white in color.

4. Sound

A ripe watermelon produces a hollow sound when tapped. And if the watermelon slightly squeeze the top and bottom – he is slightly crackling. This means that the fruit is ripe.

5. Floor

Watermelons are distinguished by gender. “The boys” – more, they are slightly elongated on the vertical axis passing through the tail. And “girls” are smaller and flattened, but tastier and sweeter.