Nutritionists explain why Breakfast should be standing

Experts told, what should be the ideal Breakfast to be healthy and hearty. Nutritionists say that there is a imperative standing with plates of square shape.

American nutritionist Jennifer Newson says that a healthy Breakfast is not as dependent on themselves, like how that person eats. It is very important to eat Breakfast standing up, as the food in this situation is better absorbed by the body. In the same dish should not be round, but square, because it is this form on a subconscious level, a sense of fullness, writes

Nutritionist recommends food time anything not to get distracted, particularly on a smartphone or TV. The expert also notes that coffee in the morning does not bring any benefit and it is desirable to give.

In her experiment involved 80 women. They said that the Breakfast of square dishes seemed to be much tastier. Standing they do load up faster, at the time, like sitting women were more relaxed, and that made them longer and eat more.