Medifarma in Ukraine: the main innovations, which should give good Happy

Medifarma in Ukraine will start from January 1, 2018, if the Verkhovna Rada still give her good. First reformed primary care services, General practitioner, family doctor and pediatrician. Then the changes will affect doctors specialised and highly specialised medicine. The main innovation – introduction of a tariff for each service in the hospital. The more the hospital will accept the patients, the more it will pay the state. As the reform effect on the Ukrainian people, recognized the website “Today”.

What services to pay the state

At the current session of the Parliament deputies should consider the draft law No. 6327. The document introduces the concept of health care “programme of state guarantees”. This package of services and products, which will to pay the state. The program will annually review the Ministry of health and to agree on a Cabinet. But to take it will be the Verkhovna Rada during consideration of the budget. Medical services that do not fall into the program are not paid out. Under the bill, health care must allocate not less than 5% of GDP – as currently allocated to the army.

The work of the doctors and hospitals will be financed according to the principle “money follows the patient”. Health facilities will receive money from the state for the services they rendered to the patients. To this end, the Ministry of health will create a tariff for each medolago. It will be the same across the country. At this rate the state will pay to hospitals. To pay hospitals is the national health service.

Free for Ukrainians will be:

  • emergency medical care;
  • primary care – treatment from a therapist, family doctor and pediatrician;
  • specialized and highly specialized medical care;
  • palliative medical care;
  • makeability;
  • Medicaid for children up to 16 years of age;
  • medical care in connection with pregnancy and childbirth.

According to acting health Minister Uliana Suprun, pay will plastic surgery and dentistry (except in emergencies).

The patient will not pay the doctor for medical services. Photo: AFP / GUILLAUME SOUVANT

The health Ministry earlier proposed to introduce a co-payment that portion of the medical services the Ukrainians pay extra out of pocket. However, the idea criticized in the Parliament and this provision was removed. Manager of “Healthcare” Reanimation package of reforms Alexander Yabchenko says that the abolition of co-payment did not significantly affect reform. The state can’t pay doctors for everything. Copayments could be a way out, he says.

Separately, the state budget will provide public health epidemics, social and medical expertise, forensic-medical and forensic-psychiatric examination. Earlier, the Ministry did not include in the bill the list as funded from the state budget.

“Reform that the government is moving away from empty promises and moves to specifics – guaranteed package of medical services. Hospitals, in turn, will begin to compete for patient – where will people there, the government would send the money. This is the principle of “money follows the patient”. Reform finally will define clear rules of the game. That is what pays the state, which is included in the guaranteed package, as doctors are rewarded,” explains Alexander Yabchenko.

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Hospitals will need to sign a contract

Hospitals will be required to sign a patient agreement for the provision of medical services. The agreement may be in writing or in electronic form. In terms of the contract are specified the list and volume of medical services and drugs that patients can obtain for free, the rights and obligations of the patient and the hospital. The patient can choose any hospital, regardless of residence.

Hospitals will sign with the patients agreement. Photo: AFP / GUILLAUME SOUVANT

Also before the New year, the Ukrainians have to choose a family doctor, internist or pediatrician. With the doctor need to sign the Declaration. The salary of a doctor will depend on the number of patients and signed contracts. The state average will have to pay the doctor for one patient 370 UAH per year (and from 2019 – 450 UAH). These patients the doctor may be two thousand. While children under five years and seniors rates.

To obtain free medical services, the patient will only be able in the direction of your doctor. The Ministry of health indicate that in primary medicine to the patients free will remain a General analysis of blood, analysis blood glucose, total cholesterol, urine analysis, urine analysis, and rapid tests for HIV, viral hepatitis, syphilis.

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Appointment to the doctor online

The bill introduces the country’s e-health system. Ukrainians medical records will be electronic, and the doctor can be booked online. First and foremost, the program will join the hospital in which already there is the Internet and computers. Later, the system will work all over the country.

The doctors will write reports in the electronic health system. Photo: ITAR-TASS/ Stanislav Krasilnikov

“Doctors no longer have to spend half a day to fill the papers. All will be available on a single resource. The doctor should heal, not do paperwork,” said Suprun.

The patient will be able to keep track of the work schedule of the physician availability in hospital free medicines. The physician will make entries in the electronic health record. History of disease, vaccination and the results will be in the profile of the patient on the eHealth website. First, in the eHealth register of therapists, family doctors and pediatricians. Later the system will go a specialized doctor. To date, the Ministry of health has prepared a demo version of the electronic system E-hospital system will report the National health service about the services provided and to receive money from the state budget.

If the bill is adopted, it will work from 1 January 2018. With the New year introduced the program of medical safeguards for primary care services, family doctor, internist, and pediatrician. Until 2019 program megaranto will apply to other types of assistance.

Recall President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko calls on people’s deputies not to delay the adoption of medical reform. “The national Council of reforms approved the project, and I want to apply to our MPs… not to delay the implementation of health reform,” said Poroshenko.

Earlier, Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman said that the reforms in the field of medicine will extend the life of Ukrainians and will make their access to medical services is easier and the service better.