Weather forecast for August: the heat and the rains

The last month of summer promises to be changeable — periods of the heat after the coolness, and in some regions predict frequent rains.

SWING. According to weather forecasts the weather sites at the beginning of August the heat will continue. The thermometer will stand at around +30-33 degrees. By mid-month Ukraine will again visit the conventional cool +23-26 degrees, but in the second half of August, temperatures again will rise to 25-28 degrees. At the end of the month, according to the weather sites, the heat will go again, and the thermometers will show up to +23. The average temperature across the country in August, according to the predictions of weather forecasters, will be in the +26 day and 17 night. In the West the average daytime temperature is +25, at night +17; in the North — +24 day and +15 at night. In the East promise average +27, day +17 in the night; in the South — +29 day +20 night, but in the center, the +26 day to +17 at night.

Will be in August and the rains, most of them heading West. Possible they are in the North in the middle of the month. But forecasters predict clear and dry weather in the Eastern and southern regions.

PEOPLE’S FORECAST. According to national forecaster Leonid Gorban, the last month of summer this year will be not too hot and moderately rainy, and the main feature of the month’s temperature extremes. “From 1 to 10 August the average temperature will be in the range of 22-23 degrees, that is, daytime temperatures across the country will not exceed 28. From number 10 to 16 — a significant decrease to +18-19 degrees. Next four days, from 17 to 20 August, the air warms to an average of 22, but after 20 bars back down to +18. The end of August will not be too hot: 26th the temperature will drop to 16” — told us the forecaster. According to Gorban, 2, 3, 8, 9, 16, 17, 27 and on August 29 in certain regions of Ukraine will pass rains.