What entertainment replaces 30 minutes of cardio

Scientists from University College London found that viewing of the musical healthy, despite the fact that while watching such spectacles people usually don’t get up from my chair and not moving, that is like don’t burn calories. The researchers made this discovery after studying the health of the public, which called for the musical “Dreamgirls”. It turned out that as soon as the music and the action became more intense and loud, the heart rate of the viewers increased by 50-70%.


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This level is optimal for training the heart, according to experts from the British heart Association. It is celebrated during the execution of specific cardio, which help to strengthen endurance. Typically, such heart rate achieved during exercise like walking or doing the treadmill and stationary bike. But it turned out that people can achieve the same effect in the audience in just a couple of hours without even getting up from the chair.

Most remarkable is that many of us have experienced pleasure from seeing until tingling on the skin, and every seventh viewer of the musical noticed that he changed the breath. Consequently, a campaign on such ideas can be regarded as a kind of passive-active varieties of physical exercise.