What vitamins are dangerous to health

Pharmacology has now turned into a real business. Doctors are not so profitable to cure people completely, because a healthy patient in medication doesn’t need. Stop drinking the vitamin from the list below, and go on a healthy diet.

  • Folic acid

A person needs only 400 mcg of folic acid. Legumes, asparagus, even cereals can easily cover this rule. In fact, folic acid lowers the risk of developing defects of the nervous system newborns and pregnant women because it is sometimes prescribed physician. If this is not your case, take this vitamin is not necessary.

  • Selenium

Some time ago, selenium was widely advertised as a means of prevention against prostate cancer. However, recent studies have shown that taking extra doses of these vitamins increases the risk of developing cancer. In addition, a total of 200 micrograms of selenium per day and still provokes the development of diabetes.

  • Vitamin B6

No doctors proven beneficial properties of vitamin B6. Rather, the vitamin is of course useful, but his daily rate and so we get from write. To enter into the diet additional doses absolutely no reason.

  • Vitamin B12

Vegetarians really will not hurt to take vitamin B12 additionally. However, it is enough found in fish, beef, shellfish, and Breakfast cereals. Vegetarian diet is not recommended at all to anyone – people for it is not created.

  • Vitamin C

Clinical studies showed no effect of vitamin C on colds. So no need to succumb to advertising above: an adult male per day is sufficient to obtain 90 mg of this vitamin.

  • Vitamin E

Vegetable oil, nuts, green vegetables – that’s all you need. No studies on the use of additional methods of vitamin E on the body was carried out.

  • Zinc

Manufacturers of vitamins claim that zinc is very effective remedy for colds. Nothing of the sort. Excess zinc affects the thyroid gland, so make it not worth it.

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