Poroshenko and Klimkin congratulated Christ Freeland with the appointment to the post of foreign Minister of Canada

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko congratulated canadian politician of Ukrainian origin, the Christ Freeland on his appointment as Minister of foreign Affairs of Canada updated the canadian government.

“Chrystia Freeland – the Minister of foreign Affairs in the new government, Trudeau. Proud of and support”, – Poroshenko wrote on Facebook on Tuesday evening.

Joined the congratulations and the Minister of foreign Affairs Pavlo Klimkin. “Imagine the first talks between the foreign Ministers of the two States, which are conducted in the Ukrainian language”, – wrote Klimkin Twitter.

Hawley sobi pers speak menstru zakordonnih Ref two powers, that lead ukraïnskoyu movoyu! @cafreeland

— Pavlo Klimkin (@PavloKlimkin) 10 Jan 2017

Earlier it was reported that foreign Minister of Canada will be ethnic Ukrainian.

Freeland will replace stéphane Dion, who is leaving politics to take up a diplomatic post.

Note that Chrystia Freeland was born in the canadian city of peace river in Alberta. Her mother, Galina Hamster-Freeland, a Ukrainian by birth.

Journalistic career Freeland in Ukraine began as a stringer for the Financial Times, The Washington Post and The Economist.

Later she worked at the Financial Times in London as Deputy editor, editor of the British news, the chief of the Moscow Bureau, correspondent in Eastern Europe, editor of the weekend edition and editor FT.com.

She subsequently announced her intention to run for election to the canadian Parliament from the Liberal party.

She won the internal party primaries September 15, 2013 and was elected to Parliament on November 25.

Recall that in November 2015 Freeland became Minister of international trade Canada.