People may threaten a new kind of asthma – scientists

Not as dangerous storm, as its heavy rains and wind. In Australia 4 people died in hospital after inhaling poisonous pollen that blew across the state the storm a hurricane. Scientists say about the danger of this kind of pollen for the whole of humanity, it can lead to death in some cases, transfers “Orthodox”.

Flash “lightning asthma” – the name given to this syndrome was recorded in 1987. Everyone thinks that the atmosphere of the air after the rain is clean, but climatologists claim that it is not. During flowering, the field is covered with thick weed pollen, which includes allergens, and a strong wind rips it, and posts in the region.

Thus, the pollen gets in the respiratory tract, coughing and choking. The climate of Australia continues to surprise and shock the natives of this continent. A few days ago after the scorching heat in Adelaide was a strong storm with wind and large hail.

Here and Melbourne (Victoria) this element is not passed. Heavy rain and heavy wind caused pollen dispersal of chaff, or as it is popularly called, “rye grass”. Twelve men, as reported by Reuters, was transported to the city hospital due to severe dyspnea.


  • Dossier on the disease: asthma — shadow suffocation

And already a day later was recorded the death of four of them. The rest of the victims are given proper medical care. Another 8.5 thousand people with similar symptoms are treated in different medical institutions of the state.

Earlier it was reported that smokers fathers three times more likely to be born asthmatics.