An expert on Islam reports bad news

A former Muslim, the author of the book “Islam and Islamism in the Czech Republic” Lukasz Lhotan says that Muslims have perceived England as her territory that needs to be cleaned from all non-Islamic. “Only to the shores of Italy every month sail tens of thousands of young lusty Negroes, first of all thanks to the help of non-governmental organizations. Hundreds of thousands of immigrants every year legally bring their relatives for a family reunion. And the leaders of the EU, for example, the representative in Africa Michelle Arria, believe that Europe needs the African migrants,” says Lhotan.

— Parlamentní listy: What do You think about a terrorist attack in Manchester? It was to be expected? Whether such a chore in the UK and Western Europe?

— Lukasz Lhotan: Yes, that’s to be expected, and I am sure that such acts of terrorism and attacks on all that is forbidden in Islam, will become more. However, there is a fundamental difference.

— What?

— The attacks in Madrid in 2004 and London in 2005 were political in nature. It was revenge for participating in the Iraq war. Now, as it seems, we are talking only about the manifestation of hatred to all Muslims consider bad, not Islamic. So there is motivation to intimidate non-Muslims and force them to start living by the rules of Islam, that is not to go to music events, where there are men and women, and to abandon the action, which in Islam are considered immoral. Thus, apparently, the Muslims already perceive England as its own territory, and the most zealous of them consider it their sacred duty to “cleanse” the area from all non-Islamic.

Who, in Your opinion, responsible for what is happening?

Someone would expect that I say “British government” — but I think that the responsibility lies with the British. It is they who elected the government who supported a surge of millions of Muslims, and although it is clear that all of this means for the future, the British continue to elect politicians who continue to tolerate what is happening. And even those who do not participate in the elections, also bears some responsibility, because ignorance of the election also contributes to the aggravation…

— What do you think will be the reaction of politicians in the near future? All will again Express our solidarity and to say that Islam is not to blame?..

— Of course. How else are they to do? To admit that they missed it? Their previous behaviour and the ideology of multiculturalism and belittling the threat from Islam was a mistake? In actual fact they may be generally all the same. They are well protected, and those who in recent years killed in the attacks, it is not politicians and their families, and ordinary people. Then why they bother? They just say what they usually say to reassure people.

— Did You reaction from the Muslims? Is it true that some Muslims welcome such attacks and Express my support?

— The majority of Muslims oppose these attacks. One in the first place is not a practicing Muslim don’t support these attacks, and the second — just practicing — I think they are too premature. According to this second part, Muslims in Europe, his game is not yet won, and these attacks can awaken Europeans from their lethargy, and to push the broad European masses, who remain apathetic to the decision to expel Islam from Europe. Practicing Muslims want to wait until all power is fully in the hands of the Muslims, and then the police will put an end to any actions in Islam are considered immoral. And only a small portion of Muslims support these attacks.

— Raises the cardinal question, whether to blame Islam…

— Yes, guilty — because at the heart of Islam is a significant tolerance for violence in the name of Islam or the imposition of the Islamic doctrine not the Muslims.

— You will not end it by saying that the Europeans will restrict civil liberties: freedom of speech, right to bear arms, and Muslim immigrants will continue to do their job?

— Yes, I’m afraid that it will be so. Contemporary political and social elites are much more concerned about public criticism and the expression of a rejection of Islam and of immigration and of multiculturalism than the killing of Europeans by Muslims than violence by African migrants and so on.

— How big a threat we have?

Today she is still a minor. We have very few Muslims, especially practicing. We have a few immigrants from Africa and Islamic countries, but if the government parties ČSSD, ANO and KDU-ČSL will achieve what we will begin to accept thousands of immigrants and Muslims, as demanded by Brussels and Berlin, the threat will increase several times. On the experience of Western countries, including the us are discussing an act of Muslim terrorism, it is clear that for a large community of Muslims and immigrants just can’t keep up.

— The media almost never write about the migration crisis. What’s really going on?

— The crisis? Mass migration to Europe continues for more than 20 years, and it doesn’t stop. This also applies to legal and illegal migration. Only to the shores of Italy every month sail tens of thousands of young lusty Negroes, first of all thanks to the help of non-governmental organizations. Hundreds of thousands of immigrants, mostly Muslims, annually legally bring their relatives for a family reunion. And the leaders of the EU, for example, the representative in Africa Michelle Arria, believe that Europe needs the African migrants. I call it an invitation to another wave of illegal migrants. Is today normal people still believe that Brussels wants to stop the migration? No, Brussels only wants to make illegal immigration legal.

— Is there a danger endocrinal multiculturalism and the Islamization of our society and our schools?

— This threat exists for 20 years and is only growing. We are talking not even about the threat, and about the process that starts in kindergarten. Already small children are brainwashed, so they were not afraid of Islam, immigration and other things, so they are not worried if suddenly next to them at the concert, a bomb will explode or if they raped an immigrant from Africa. All this they should be taken calmly and not to resist the flow of immigrants from Africa and Islamic countries. And judging by the apathy which gripped the citizens of Western Europe, where the propaganda is the part of the school curriculum for the past several decades, everything works fine…

You know, when I saw, for example, will present the Czech textbooks “poor” founder of Islam Mohammed, who allegedly was stalked that wasn’t true, I decided to publish his true biography, designed for youth and written by renowned ex-Muslim Ali Sina. Because if the Czech schools do not give objective information parents and students should ask and know the facts. Our education is to me more reminiscent of what I was told by the survivors of the toughest times of the Communist regime.

— In the near future, British journalist and writer Douglas Murray will publish a new book, which describes in detail how modern elites of the European Union decided to commit a collective suicide and thus destroy Europe and its people. All they succeed to implement, primarily because of the apathy of the people of Europe who are blinded by the welfare and policy of multiculturalism. Whether the rights of a writer?

— Yeah, right. Some politicians — primarily left-wing — do aspire to it. The right, rather, I want to shake the rich Muslims money. A role to play and that most of them unofficially living with the motto “After us the deluge.” And some politicians are so stupid that they really believe the ideology of multiculturalism and the fact that Islam is not a problem.

I’m afraid that all this will not end well. European civilization is gradually destroyed, or the Europeans will rise up, take up arms and shed blood. Why? Because most people spit on what is happening. Many do not vote and perceive the safety and well-being as something most for granted.

I grew up in constant contact with her grandmother, who told me, what sorrow and what need she experienced in her life. How desperate these people struggled and survived. She told me what was the Second world war, and the suffering it brought. I don’t know what happened to the great grandfather on the Italian front during the First world war, but probably nothing good was not there, since he never told house about the past. He only talked about what an abomination this war. Grandfather told us how he treated ordinary people during the First Republic, and how poorly they lived. So in the lives of poor people, the Communists caused a radical improvement. It was the beginning of the 20th century. Where does it say that it cannot return to us at the end of the 21st century? That is approximately 200 years old? Where is it written that the decline of Europe and returning to the dark times of barbarism impossible?