Who can’t eat pears and why: nutritionists told

Nutritionists have talked about how it is better for the health to drink pear. After all, there is this fruit, in spite of its taste and benefits, it is possible not to all.

Pears can harm the health of people with history of diabetes mellitus. In addition, their use can provoke deterioration of health in those who suffers from irritable bowel syndrome and suffers from frequent diarrhea.


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In pear contains a lot of sugar and fat, and this should not be forgotten. Nutritionists recommend diabetics to eat not sweet, and sour-sweet varieties of pears, but in any case limited. Those who have problems with a chair, according to doctors, you can eat the peel of a pear, or drink the decoction of its leaves.

If you have no health problems, this fruit can be eaten without fear. Pears effective in losing weight and maintain figure. They also normalize the blood pressure.

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