DTEK increased investment in the reliability of thermal power plant by almost 20%

DTEK Energy for 8 months of 2017 was sent to the planned repair campaign equipment its thermal power plants 1.1 billion UAH, which is 19.5% more than in the same period of 2016 From their capital investments amounted to UAH 216 million.

In 2017 it is planned to perform scheduled maintenance 57, 42 repair and modernization of the equipment of thermal power plants that operate on gas rank of coal and 2 additional current repairs of power units No. 7,8 anthracite Prydniprovska TPP for the transition to the combustion of gas coals.

Now all of the power plants, DTEK is prepared for reliable work and undergo intensive training for the heating season in part of scheduled maintenance.

As of September 25, 2017, 63% of the annual repair campaign has been completed – repaired 28 units, 2 turbines and 6 boilers. In the end, the United energy system of Ukraine received an additional 203 MW of capacity. In particular, from September 25 DTEK Ladyzhin TPP Manager allowed to bring in the overhaul of unit №1, which provides for the modernization of the electrostatic precipitator.

“For thermal power generation are two peak period summer maximum and cold season. Year high we passed, now preparing for the heating season. Our key objective is the reliable and uninterrupted operation in power system of Ukraine that the consumer did not feel interruptions in power supply. We reviewed the repair campaign in such a way that at peak consumption periods our station worked trouble-free and the full composition, – says Sergey Kurilenko, the Director of DTEK Energy generation. – Repair campaign this year, mostly for stations that burn gas brand of coal. Given the refusal of anthracite dependency, the capacity utilization of thermal power plant on a stamp G is a priority for DTEK”.

In addition to scheduled maintenance, DTEK is implementing projects to transfer two units of the Prydniprovska TPP with anthracite coal to gas coal. Unit No. 7 and No. 8 Prydniprovska TPP, by the beginning of the heating season will generate heat for consumers in a new kind of fuel. The company also performs reconstruction of unit No. 10 of burshtynska TPP, and unit # 1 of the kryvorizka TPP. These works will prolong the life of units by at least 15 years, increase their efficiency, reduce specific fuel consumption and emissions up to European standards.

Starting in 2012, all units of the company at modernization are the reconstruction of electrostatic precipitators to achieve the level of dust emissions pursuant to Directive 2001/80/EC. And Prydniprovska, kryvorizka TPP are coal-fired anthracite, but the plans of gradual transition to natural gas coal of own extraction.

Recall, from September 2017, DTEK started to implement a program consisting of three key steps to reduce import of coal. Step # 1 – transfer of blocks of anthracite on coal gas. Step 2 – provision of Ukrainian coal thermal power plants production. And step # 3 – upgrades capacity thermal power plant for efficient and uninterrupted operation.

The most important action of DTEK for sustainable energy supply of Ukraine in the autumn-winter period can be found on the website.