Rozenko explained who in Ukraine will receive subsidies “automatic”

Subsidies for payment of housing and communal services for the heating season 2017/2018 years will automatically override for 7.5 million families received subsidies in the past season. This was announced by Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Rozenko.

The Minister assured that no new documents to the families who were already receiving subsidies to file will not have – all Department of social protection will carry out in automatic mode.

“No revolutionary changes in the system of charges and subsidies will be. Are the changes only improve the subsidy system and make it even easier for people. Most importantly, the people who are already in the subsidy system, and that 7.5 million families, or reassigning subsidies will occur automatically,” – said Rozenko.


  • With the New year in Ukraine will start checking grantees

He stressed that any change in the financial condition of the family is also tracked automatically.

“Already established the normal exchange of information with GFS and the Pension Fund, and this exchange also happens automatically,” the Minister added.

Recall from 1 October in Ukraine will start the process of calculating the size of the winter subsidies for payment of housing and communal services. Earlier Rozenko said that, overall, 2 million Ukrainian families also will receive the monetization of subsidies, savings from reducing consumption of electricity and gas.