100 days trump: the bombing, the resignation in the team and unsinkable Obamacare

Today, April 29, at billionaire Donald trump’s first anniversary — 100 days of his tenure as President of the United States. To this peculiar point in the report, the new head of the White house came up with the worst in modern history confidence: according to a survey by ABC News/Washington Post conducted a week earlier, only 42% of Americans support the actions of the new leader, 53% no. This is not surprising. The majority of its decisions on the domestic scene has sparked protests and lawsuits. But in the international arena, just two months after settling in the White house trump has shown that he is a true American hawk.


January 28, a week after the inauguration, trump has signed its first controversial decree, however, worked not for long. “We want to let into our country only those who support our country and dearly loves our people,” said trump at the signing ceremony, anti-immigration Ordinance. Then ended the program of reception of refugees in 120 days, and was denied entry for 90 days in the USA people of Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia and Sudan even if they have permanent residence in the United States.

On 3 February, a Federal judge in Seattle (Washington state) has imposed a temporary ban on the execution of the decree. “The solution to this so-called judge, which essentially abolished the rule of law in our country is ludicrous and it will be cancelled!” — wrote on Twitter trump. But the Federal U.S. court of appeals confirmed the lower court decision.

Trump did not give up and on March 6 signed a new decree on the prohibition of entry for 90 days in the United States to residents of those same countries, except Iraq. Also left an open entry to the United States holders of “green card” (right of permanent residence in the USA). Three days later, lawyers representing the state of Hawaii, filed a lawsuit in Federal court in Honolulu, believing that because of the ban affected the Muslim population of the state, decrease the influx of tourists and students from abroad. March 16, a few hours before the entry of the second migration of the decree trump the power of the Federal judge of Hawaii derrick Watson stopped its action, recognizing that the prohibition on entry violates the U.S. Constitution by discriminating against people based on their natsprinadlezhnosti.

Trump has accused Watson of “unprecedented abuse of power” and promised to uphold the decree at all levels up to the Supreme court. “We will win”, — the President closed his comments regarding the decision of the Hawaiian court. But the decree never came into force.

The President. Version of The New Yorker in February


Failed Trump 100 days to deprive Americans of the main achievements of the 44th President Barack Obama and thereby fulfill one of its main campaign promises — to repeal madrepora, which all us citizens must have health insurance. The poor on this, for example, grants are allocated from the Federal budget. The rest must be insured under penalty of a fine of $995 per year.
A week before the inauguration of the Republican House of representatives voted for a resolution which initiates the process of the abolition of Obamacare. Trump was able to achieve appointment as the Minister of health and welfare-known critic of the reform, former surgeon Tom price. But then the Republicans have not moved.

On 7 March they presented to Congress a draft reform of health care that should replace Obamacare. The reform, proposed to abolish fines for lack of insurance, i.e. it becomes a completely voluntary phenomenon. But at the same time proposed to deny subsidies to senior citizens who have tax incentives. Suddenly on the side of Obama’s reforms stood the Office of the U.S. Congress on the budget. Its experts calculated that in the case of the bill of the Republicans, the insurance in 2018 will lose 14 million people and by 2026 — 24 million as a result the team trump refused to make the vote a bill to abolish the system of compulsory health insurance, as such he refused to support not only Democrats, but some Republican congressmen.

“We were extremely close. The gap was very small. We did not have the support of the Democrats,” noted the head of state and promised to prepare a new draft.


Failed Trump and quickly to form a team so that it is not the claim arose. Just a week after the approval of Congress left office, his national security Advisor, Michael Flynn due to ties with Moscow. Flynn was accused of violating the law prohibiting a private person negotiate with the authorities of the state with which the state has problems. Before the inauguration of the trump Flynn in a telephone conversation almost promised to the Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyakov to soften the sanctions against Russia imposed in the last weeks of the reign of Obama. But it’s not the most interesting. In April it became clear that Flynn received money from the Russian side. In his Declaration for 2016 Flynn indicated an income of $45 thousand from the Russian international channel Russia Today in a speech delivered in 2015, the organized Pro-Kremlin TV channel of the conference.

Super. The US left their 14-th pieces


But many predicted a rapprochement with Moscow did not happen. Moreover, on 21 March, the US imposed sanctions against eight companies from Russia in connection with the American law on the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction relating to Syria, Iran and North Korea.
And already on March 31 the U.S. Congress introduced a bill on new sanctions against Russia over cyber attacks and other aggressive actions. They can touch a wide range of companies, individuals and projects, including the oil sector and defense industry. Senators also will consider the possibility of supporting Russian media, which criticised the Russian government.

Recall, after the election Donald trump, head of the US the Kremlin enthusiastically waiting for “love to the coffin”. But while Moscow is experiencing a big disappointment. She never understood why trump gave the order on the night of April 7 to strike with cruise missiles at Syrian airbase “Sirat”. After all, when Obama first had to pass an investigation himataki in the city of Khan shaykhun April 4, then the approval of the sanctions…

Another week later, trump has engaged in the Afghanistan — April 13 USA for the first time ever used in combat heavy duty non-nuclear bomb. The charge weight of 9.5 tonnes were dropped on the tunnel system of the group “Islamic state”, killed 90 militants. The Pentagon has threatened that if necessary, he’ll use another bomb, which the US 14.

Now trump has taken over North Korea and Iran. To the Korean Peninsula came aviation strike group, the U.S. Navy, which, according to trump, may be a preemptive strike against the nuclear facilities of the DPRK. Iran also got threats on the revision of the agreement on the nuclear program. In the case that will provide evidence of the continuation of Tehran’s development of nuclear weapons, the sanctions will be returned.

The image of today. Trump threatens to quickly restore order in the DPRK, Iran and Afghanistan. Illustration: Larisa Androshchuk


The world policy Institute,

Nicholas Beleskov:

“Fortunately, did not materialize Ukrainian fears that in the process of implementing the foreign policy of the new head of the White house will be enclosed “big deal” between Washington and Moscow, which affected the position of Ukraine. Today, the situation looks optimistic. This development was accompanied by a number of reasons.

First, the transition period in the United States has not yet ended — a lot of key positions in the state Department and the U.S. Department of defense vacant. Just as today you have not defined a global strategy and vision for policy in the triangle USA — Ukraine — Russia. And the story about the possible links of members of the team trump with Moscow makes any talk of concessions to the Kremlin in political suicide. Second, most advisers trump hold a clear vision that the current policy of the Russian Federation — challenge for the existing international order and therefore requires the appropriate steps, including through support of Ukraine. As a consequence, are the repeated statements by Rex Tillerson, that without full implementation of the Minsk agreements, the lifting of sanctions against Russia impossible. With the fulfillment formula: “safety is first, and then the political part”, as advocated Kiev.

The current situation is the reason for our cautious optimism. But the guarantees that us-Russian relations in the end will not be adjusted to the detriment of Ukraine, no. The white house and the Kremlin is still unable to reach consensus, if Russia withdraws from the Donbass and annexed Crimea will not be considered by Washington as an obstacle to cooperation. Just as the occupation of the Baltic States did not prevent the USA and USSR to cooperate during the cold war.”


Professor of political science

Alexander Motyl:

“Trump is unpredictable. While incompetence (at least, the political nuances. — Ed.) was a barrier for his radicalism. There is disappointment among his fans who were expecting radical changes. But among his opponents there is complete calm: was expecting the worst. His administration is not yet prepared to international relations: still no strategy, I don’t know what I want, except that the United States should be great. Add to this the infighting within the team: ‘bannon against all, son-in-law against’bannon, Ivanka undetermined role, professionals against Amateurs. But it’s useful in a situation with Russia, because trump has been even more unpredictable than Putin. Putin’s success depends on the predictability of the West, when he breaks the rules. Now in this field he had a tough opponent.”


Assistant Secretary of state (2001-2009)

Paul Dobriansky:

“The new US administration has very clearly determined its position towards Ukraine and Russia. Secretary of defense Mattis at the Munich conference in February definitely condemned Russian aggression in Eastern Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea. U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson on the Commission Ukraine — NATO on March 31 made a few strong statements. He stated that our sanctions over the Crimea will remain until the Peninsula will not return to Ukraine. It is the policy of non-recognition. He also stated the importance of maintaining sanctions against Russia. That is, I think, the position is very clear that the Ukrainian territorial integrity and sovereignty must be ensured and respected. The position of this administration for Ukraine friendly”.


Editor at the Forum Daily

Shimon Briman:

“The world had just such an US President, trump and what looked before the election. His unpredictability and emotion is starting to kick in. A missile attack on Syria is an example. As trump said: “I saw these horrible pictures of dead children from Gaza, immediately called the chiefs of staff and asked what can we do?” So on the world stage appeared of a large player taking instant decisions. No longer the familiar world of diplomatic overtures and tedious discussions in the UN. And Russia is very difficult and unpredictable “an enfant terrible” (terrible child) in the White house.”



Omar Harfouch:

“Since the inauguration of Donald trump in Washington was an active struggle between the power block and team trump. I have the impression that trump is not even always aware of what they are doing to the military. For example, it in early April said that the aircraft carrier “Carl Vinson” moved to the coast of the Korean Peninsula, and a week
it turned out that he was still off the coast of Australia.

Even trump’s reaction to the chemical attack in Syria, in my opinion, not like the fact that he made this decision himself. After all, he took it, not based on the findings of the investigations and publications in the media, which he constantly calls false.

For me, this means — trump surrendered and does not control completely a situation. I think they are manipulated”.



Mohammed Saydia:

“A lot in this short period, the trump could not do, but he showed that he is ready to quickly solve the Syrian issue. His response to the chemical attack was both tough and fair to the Syrian people. His determination gave us hope for a speedy solution to the issue. I think that the political solution has been agreed between the Kremlin and the White house, and now only a matter of time before Assad goes. Most likely, Russia agreed to protect its interests in the region.”


The opposition

Ilya Yashin:

“During this period I saw at the head of probably the most powerful totally confused person who is clearly not going to win the election, and now do not know what to do. He doesn’t understand how to implement his electoral program, because it is very limited in the ways against him political elite and the security agencies, Congress, media. He, as a young politician, have not got the tools for the implementation of anything. While in office only 100 days, it is reminiscent of the “lame duck”. With regard to relations with Russia, Putin in this regard have already said, when trump relationship became worse than ever under Obama. Campaign in the Russian media “trump is our man” has achieved only that has restricted him maneuvers and he has to go for confrontation with the Kremlin to prove otherwise.

In the end, trump is acting against the interests of the Russian Federation”.