Experts called the TOP 3 most expensive car brands

Analysts of the consulting Agency in the field of branding Interbrand, founded by John Murphy, published rating of the most expensive car brands worldwide.

First place was given to a Japanese manufacturer — Toyota. Experts have estimated the total cost of this auto giant in 50,291 billion dollars.

On the second line of the rating of the German Mercedes-Benz, its Interbrand estimated 47,829 billion dollars.

Third place at the German — involved in disulphate BMW, whose cost was $ 41,521 billion dollars.


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In the TOP 10 included the Japanese Honda, it assessing in 22,696 billion dollars. American Ford — 13,643 billion dollars. The representative of the Korean auto industry — Hyundai — 13,193 billion dollars, the German Audi — $ 12 billion. Nissan appreciated the experts 11,534 billion dollars, Volkswagen — 11,522 billion dollars. Luxury brand Porsche — below — 10,12 billion.

But the most innovative company in the field of mechanical engineering — American Tesla founder and owner Elon Musk is, took the last place ranking. It was estimated at $ 4 billion.