What foods are facing cellulite and excess weight

Nutritionists say that the main cause of cellulite development is poor diet. If to exacerbate this problem sedentary lifestyle, alcohol and Smoking, you will very soon “make” a lot of diseases and, of course, it will adversely affect your appearance.


  • What food must eat together to have a great body

Let us dwell on the list of products whose consumption) to get rid of “orange peel”.

  • Salt

Kidneys can not cope with the excess salt that gradually accumulate, delaying the water that causes swelling and makes the fat is unevenly distributed under the skin. The fact is that if the cells of our body accumulates excess fluid, the distance between them increases and the fat is distributed tubercles. If unsalted food seems too bland, use spices and seasonings. For example, lemon juice can replace salt in vegetable salads, parsley and green onion seasoning to the potato and fish, tarragon perfectly accentuate the taste of chicken and Turkey.

  • Sugar

The human body does not feel the slightest need to refined sugar. He absolutely does nothing for our body, in addition to unnecessary calories and irresistible desire to consume it more and more. To limit the consumption of refined sugar, replace it with honey or brown sugar and instead of cream pastries eat dried fruits, dark chocolate and fresh fruit.

  • Alcohol

First of all, it is worth noting that alcohol is extremely nutritious and has the property to increase appetite. Only one mug of beer contain about 500 kcal, and a glass of dry wine is about 200 calories. On average in one milliliter of alcohol contains seven calories that have no nutritional value for the body. They are empty and, therefore, are used by the body to replenish energy costs in the first place, thus slowing fat burning.

  • Products made with white flour

Wheat flour, especially prepared her dough, is one of the best “friends” of cellulite. High caloric content with low nutritional value, the almost complete absence of the protein at high levels of fast carbs and fat make the flour products are really dangerous for the figure.

Never replace a full meal scones, sandwiches, cookies and cakes. The alternative is brown bread, bran, biscuits, whole grain, cereals.

  • Saturated fats

One of the main causes of cellulite is poor circulation. When bad blood flows through the vessels, the outflow of fluid from the cells slows down. So, saturated fats cause a cholesterol, which “clog” the blood vessels and impede blood flow.

Most saturated fat is found in butter, lard, fatty meat, offal.