A British scientist claims that the coronavirus came from China: he’s always been here (ABC, Spain)

The possibility that coronavirus was in Europe a few months before the announcement of the pandemic, caused serious doubts about its possible origin. Tom Jefferson from the Center for evidence-based medicine at Oxford University also questioned the origin of the virus. In fact, he believes that the coronavirus originated not in China, but was present all over the world in a latent form, until they had a suitable to the propagation conditions.

In an interview with British newspaper “the Telegraph” Jefferson claims that every day more and more evidence that the virus was already in many other countries before it was discovered in Asia.

Just a few days ago Spanish virologists stated that he found traces of the virus in the sample of wastewater March 2019, for the nine months before covid-19 was first identified in China. And in Italy and Brazil, the signs of coronavirus was discovered in December and November last year respectively.

“I think the virus was already here, says Jefferson newspaper “the Telegraph” — I mean everywhere. Perhaps we are dealing with a latent form of the virus, which has been intensified due to suitable environmental conditions. In early February, the Falkland Islands had already registered a case. How it got there?”

Strange events

Jefferson says that such cases have been before, especially during the so-called “Spanish flu” 1918: “About 30% of the population of Western Samoa died from the Spanish flu, while not having communication with the outside world.”

For the scientist, this phenomenon has only one explanation: “Viruses don’t appear out of nowhere, they are here always; something that activates them, can be the population density or environmental conditions, and that’s what we need to find out”.

Jefferson believes that excessive attention has been paid to the virus, not its ecology. For example, we should find out why so many outbreaks happening in food factories, especially in meat industry. The researcher believes that in this way can be discovered new ways of transmission of the virus.