Secrets of State: the Titan against racketeering and vodka as a “lubricant” in the way

We continue the “security” theme. As already mentioned, to protect the officials of the country there is state protection of Ukraine and security less high people (and cargo) can provide and the interior Ministry, SBU and other security forces. Now we will tell you more about the special forces “Titan”, created at the dawn of independence in the composition of civil service of protection at the interior Ministry. This riot there today, only his own name already does and is part of the police Department for the protection of national police of Ukraine.

Says Mr Michailov, a former police Colonel, first commander of the “Titan”:

— The idea of creating a special police for the protection of goods in motion (and then expanded and added the personal, physical security) was born in the late 80s, after the earthquake in Spitak (Armenia). There was the Union, and Ukraine has provided a variety of assistance to Armenia, including worked there a detachment of our militia. It turned out that many goods have to be accompanied because they were targeted by looters.
Then the Union collapsed, and we began to implement this idea already in independent Ukraine, on the basis of private security. Put a lot of effort the first chief Minister General Dmitry Chaus and his successor, long-term head of civil service of protection at the interior Ministry of Ukraine General Vladimir Shapoval. The special unit began with a dozen people and just the attendant console on the street air conditioning in Kiev. Then scored another proven, reliable people, and the division received the name “Titan”. It was built in 1992 and full time work beginning in 1993.

Supersanta and lying thugs

Complements the story of ex-police Colonel Boris Cheban, former Deputy Michailova, later his successor, commander:

First we were approached by traders who had been robbed and beaten after crossing our border in Transcarpathia. And the first contract we had with the travel company engaged in transportation “shuttles”. That is, we took them under his protection, and Ukraine accompanied to the right place. Then our activities have expanded, just over the border on our side created so-called europarty, where he defended the trucks, waiting for when we take them under protection. Initially created two teams: one worked on the Western border (in the Western Europe we didn’t go), the other oriented to the East, there was able to travel to any country of the CIS. Then, by the way, our idea of “caught” at customs, they created a “MiTo vartu”, which also accompanied the cargo. But we had an advantage: we did it, “turnkey”, with borders and immediately to the destination, and “VARTA” is changed to the boundaries of each region, which is very delayed the whole process.

Externally, our escorts looked like this: car rides with flashing lights, behind her the wagon (if more than three, of our machines for two or more) of the employees in the rear the truck still sits, because it robbed the truck initially on the go. The robbers drove up close to the last wagon, right from your hood, cut the tent and dumped out the contents. And in the Parking lots, if in the field, we all our camp around a special warning device of a thin copper wire, nor beast, nor man to go unnoticed didn’t, the signal went to the control panel in the cab.


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— Armed with our outfits were cropped with Kalashnikovs, then they added Israeli submachine guns UZI, Jericho 941 pistol — continues Misailov. — Under the machines we have invented and sewed special bags, soft to the touch, the weapon was not palpable. Thing was that bags, in addition to the usual two handles, were third, with tricky function. If you get down to it and throw the bag in the other hand, the shell falls off, and the weapon remains in the hands of a fighter.

— If to speak about a specific difficult situations, which got our staff on the road, you remember the escort cars from the factory in Togliatti, — said Boris Cheban. – I remember once my colleagues got there the party of “Zhiguli” and seems to be fine set off in convoy in the way. But then we get calls from Tolyatti another customer and tearfully prays to come and take custody of the other party machinery, they say, the racketeers even from the factory they don’t let them! Me and my colleague immediately flew there by plane. Armed with Kalashnikovs. The weapons in the in-flight handed to the crew, and sometimes not handed over, as agreed.

In those days bandits in Togliatti intelligence service and information was delivered very clearly. They always know how many and which cars goes with which site, where, is there a convoy and so on Who could, levied tribute, and even of the machine selected. The showdown was cool, the local police partly bought, partly fought with her. I remember once in the car of the chief of local regional Department of the Ministry of interior even a grenade tossed… If someone has not paid and still left the grounds, he was overtaken on the track. The bandits specifically for this was an old UAZ and “Muscovites” with welded powerful bumpers. The recalcitrant car owner gets to move to the area of the stands, he flew off the track and already suited only to scrap. The roadside Tolyatti — Kuibyshev was littered with such debris…

So, we came, spent the night and went to the Playground. There has customized trailers for loading and transport machines. But at the same time drove up and gunmen in several cars. They surrounded the area and while silently watching the boot process of “Lada” in the trailers. But under the terrible bandit looks at the drivers, deliverers, began to tremble hand, there is a risk that the car will fall off the trailer will not fall properly on the ramp. Then we decided to drive the car yourself. Before the two of us stood in large civilian jackets over the top of the form. And then dropped the coat, and all I saw Ukrainian policemen in SWAT armor, armed with assault rifles! Hear, among the bandits went on speaking: “Again, these Dolby…e idiots here! Go, there is nothing here to catch!” And cleaned up, and we quietly left, accompanying trailers. But the essence of what is meant by racketeers, we learned later. It turns out that they are already trying to muscle in on our first group which I mentioned. First threatened, then offered money, the size of the price of “Zhiguli” to “titanous” just left, and when he refused, even tried to storm the hotel! But our guys had balls, I remember one of them, named Basil, a hefty man, in dangerous situations was just Rambo! He then racked the bolt of his gun and shouted that all will believe, if not will settle themselves on the ground. And the bandits dutifully lay down on the pavement in front of the hotel… Since we were accompanied by loads of Togliatti, but the bandits were always known in advance and more attempts to attack was taken.

Weapons. The Israeli Jericho 941 pistol…

…submachine gun UZI

The prison car… For the police

Often accompanied and rail transport. The fact that after the collapse of the Soviet Union increasingly began to disappear freight cars. Went to the composition of the freight train or “fans” of, say, Russia or Belarus, and never came back. Here are our outfits and are train to follow. Went directly from the place of departure in the Ukraine, waiting for unloading and guarded on the way back.

We were usually in supply trucks, only specially trained, continues Boris Cheban. — We even had a specialist in the conversion of these cars, when the Union he worked with in “seven”, that is, service, special assistance particularly important goods, for example, classified plants, nuclear facilities and so on (not to be confused with “seven” in the interior Ministry, which called the surveillance service). In the car to shield the compartment, did there sleeping places, a kitchenette, everything you need.
Somehow we were taking in Nizhny Novgorod from Lviv train with buses LAZ. It was such a post-Soviet barter, for each bus, the Russians were given two cars “Volga”. First tried to overtake on their own, but it was very long and hard. Besides, railway and more profitable. Then part put for us the van, and the usual passenger car with conductors, coupe, etc. it was just we, the guards and drivers who were at the end of the road to overtake a bus and pick “Volga”.

True, at first not without a curious incident. We arrived in Lviv to take part, I was a senior. I ask, where’s our car? Yes there is… Go inside — “Stolypin”, that is, the prison car, for the transportation of convicts! Inside and not even cleaned after the transportation of prisoners, the stench is unbearable, instead of the normal coupe — cells with special locks… I refused to go in this car. The railroad grumbled, but in the morning the composition had set for us normal second-class car.

Eat on the road themselves, almost without leaving the composition. Took to the road, of course, bacon, cereals and so on. Even learned how to cook in the wagon furnace, however, it took a few burnt pots, because there the temperature hoo! But then got the hang of it…
For a quick passage of different kinds of stations and other rail obstructions the customer in the road gave us two box of vodka. Of course, not that the guards saw, we weren’t allowed to, and for “smearing” in solving pressing issues. However, the road still had to take care of these boxes, not from our employees and drivers. They strove to snatch a bottle or two and instantly drink.

In marshalling yards, I ran to the shunting dispatcher and asked her to attach our cars (and there were usually about a dozen) to the nearest train in the right direction. First, always met with failure, they say, already formed, I can’t help you. Then removed two bottles of vodka — and the situation changed dramatically. The Manager only asked: “When can you send?” I said that I had run down to the car, wave his hand and… In the end we went with the city to Nizhny Novgorod for two and a half days, which is very fast for a freight train.

In goal! Among employees of special troops were a lot of women who are great bodyguards

Boss or commander?

Over time the Titan became engaged and physical security of various people.

— The first Treaty they signed with us businessman engaged in the export of wine in the district of Surgut in Russia — continues Misailov. — Is the protection of yourself and not cargo. However, the place he went to the trick. Seeing that the local criminals are not averse to drain the wine from the tank, he’s just himself stood and said: I’m guarding the cargo, and you are contractually obligated to protect me if someone attacks. Had to protect, but in the future we started to record in the contract line that do not protect the client if he guards your cargo. That is, our message was clear: if you want, make a separate contract.
Demand for our physical protection has grown rapidly, and we have for years guarded many businessmen and politicians, practically the entire business elite of the country. But to name names, I believe, unethical…


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We had a unit of female bodyguards are very professional. Guarded and diplomats, particularly Ambassador of Israel in Ukraine, Consul of the Philippines… Excesses were not, at least in our time. Later, unfortunately, the shooting happened near a furniture store on ring road, killing two employees of “Titan”. This, incidentally, was the first case of the death of our comrades in the performance of official duties. But some non-standard situations happen from time to time. For example, guarding our people of the capital of a prominent businessman. And so enthusiastic about this thing that no longer meet our team, the orders of their commanders, referring to the instructions of the “boss”. For example, we demand that the officers arrived at the school, and they are not, they say, the boss was banned. Then I strong-willed decision just changed the businessman’s security. Had a conflict with a businessman, he even sent his lawyers who tried to prove that I’m wrong, but anything could not do. The contract listed the number of guards, but not their membership, which is governed by the command, but not the protected person.

Spiritual. Happened to soldiers to ask for help, and the Lord God!

The shock of the electoral Commission

To the story and joined the ex-Colonel Aleksandr Tereshchenko involved in personal protection:

— Ever during the service in the “Titan” to guard a variety of people, including the candidate in presidents of the country, and adviser to the head of the state, and just rich people. By the way, some really the protection is not needed, but a bodyguard as it emphasized the high status in society. But it used to be different. Once I was charged with the protection of well-known politician who spoke quite strongly against corruption in the high echelons. However, he ran for Parliament in one of the regions of Ukraine. We had to go there on a business trip. But just before the trip in one of the Newspapers published an article about what this politician assassinated! So in the way (took the train to ST together) I had all the time to be alert, expecting a possible attack, it is not excluded, even armed. And I went in civilian clothes, with weapons concealed, and when arrived and began to visit various campaign events, everyone thought that I was just one of the assistants of the candidate.

Opponents of my ward put about two dozen candidates, but in all the polls lost the election. And the day before the vote went VA-Bank, seized the premises of the election Commission. The Chairman of the Commission managed about it to tell us. We decided to go there, and I pulled out and put providently grasped with itself in the form of “Titan”. I went in first and was dumb — I get taken for a referent, and were armed commando! In short, the invaders decided with the secret service (where I’m from, they, in my opinion, did not understand) not to contact and unblocked the Commission. Our candidate has confidently won, and we returned to Kiev after a six-week trip, in which all the time was near. However, a few months later I accidentally met the MP with his wife in the city, shook hands, and he… didn’t recognize me! Or didn’t want to know… Sometimes, but, honestly, unpleasant residue I have left.


Employees of “Titan” learned a lot from their Israeli colleagues, went to their country to learn from the experience, there were three-week courses. They are also, says Michailov adopted seems to be simple but effective ways of identification “friend or foe” in cases where guards are not in the form of special forces, and in the usual costumes. For example, began to wear on his lapel badges and guns to stick is bright, for example, yellow stickers.

— But we are some what surprised Israeli colleagues — continues Tereshchenko. — In Ukraine on a visit there arrived the head of school of bodyguards from Israel, in which we were trained. Went to the range, show who knows what. We then were armed with pistols PM, which pretty well shot out. Decided to try our weapons. Shot and… didn’t hit the target, though generally it was considered a great shooter. It turned out he absolutely did not expect wild returns (and TT, it is even higher) from our guns. Their weapon shoots very smoothly, the recoil is low. After gradually and we were armed with Israeli guns, of course, our accuracy is also increased.
Again marveled at the Israelis when they learned not only from which we shoot, and good, but how often you train. We were told that classes twice a week, in three rounds, all under strict accounting to overrun was not. And they have this: every day, and the ammunition boxes are, nobody believes the main thing that you supported a great small form.

As for melee, we trained on the system, which combines different types of martial arts. Our coach, a famous Ukrainian athlete, taught us not without specific humor. For example, he argued that when the bodyguard comes to hand to hand combat, all the witnesses have to stand still, mouths open, terrified…
And asked us: if you are a man with a knife, what feelings should experience a real melee? We invented something, but did not guess. The master said, he should feel joy that there were such an individual who is willing to give him for training their liver, kidneys, ribs… But jokes jokes, and in various competitions with other security officers of Ukraine, we always took first or prizes.