Why marine Le Pen has no competitors

If someone forgot, April 23 and may 7, the French will elect a new President. 2017 is of great importance, but this does not say: now everything is done to keep voters away from the polls. Not seen any discussion of fundamental questions, which would clarify the situation on the main topics of the present time (and plenty of them). The election campaign has become invisible.

For comparison, in February 2012, Francois Hollande, which came on the heels of Jean-Luc Mélenchon (Jean-Luc Mélenchon), had to refuse the offer about 75% taxation of income over a million euros to retain the benefit of the left. The campaign was in full swing. Five years later, there is nothing like this in sight, and not without reason: instead of trying to put one project against another, most candidates equivocate, or trying to find their role, as if they have nothing of confidence. The picture swam dangerously.

And it’s not about lack of ideas: primaries showed this is a debate that could be long, but it was never empty. Now the issue was the ability of candidates to complete the ideas that they put on the table in an attempt to win. The most revealing example of this is Francois Fillon (François Fillon): the winner of the primaries are now fighting to simply be heard. And no one, perhaps even he himself is not able to say whether he stands for the same project that was three months ago. Erupted from the end of January, the scandal in the strongest way struck by his ability to present a rigid plan of economic recovery of the country.

The open road in front of Le Pen


On the left flank of the proposals of the candidate of the socialist party surrounded by a thick veil of secrecy. The reason for this trap, which hit Benoit Hamon (Benoît Hamon). Its “desired future” on the basis of absolute income and environmental friendliness enabled him to win the primaries, but those covered only a portion left, he has yet to reach out to “green” the Communists and Jean-Luc Mélenchon, if he hopes to win. He still needs to wait for their response, to cope with their distrust, to argue. That is, no time to waste. And all of this makes itself felt: it the project cannot move forward.

In the centre Emmanuel macron (Emmanuel Macron) could take advantage of the situation to fill the void, but true to its strategy, the founder of the “Go!” continues to say as little as possible for fear of a backhand if he moves too much to the right or attack right in case of too much care left. His campaign is also marking time. You can console myself by saying that real life will only begin March 21, will be known when the final list of contenders, but that’s one candidate with the beginning of the month already have a project with 144 clear proposals, which she opens without the slightest resistance. Marine Le Pen has no competition.