RELIANCE has asked the government to help the program “warm loans”

Civil network OPORA said that concerned about the situation on implementation of the program “warm loans.” This is stated on the organization’s website.

As noted by the authors, due to the high demand for the program “warm credits” among consumers and insufficient funding from the state, at this point condominium is actually deprived of the right to a refund for the introduction of energy efficiency measures. In SUPPORT say that the amount of funds for the program have been exhausted, and other effective financial tool.

“The request of Saee on the necessary funding for the program in 2018 is about 3 billion UAH. However, the recently published draft Law “On State budget of Ukraine to 2018” provides only 800 million UAH, of which 400 million UAH on the program “warm loans” and 400 million UAH – for the energy efficiency Fund,” – noted in the civil network.

This amount, according to the authors of the statements are clearly insufficient to support energy efficiency.

SUPPORT urged the government and authorised officers to ensure continuation of the program “warm credits” for 2018 and provide the necessary amount of financing.