A tough week for leaders

Who is on the way out?


Authoritarian Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said that “the world has gone crazy.” I, as a psychiatrist, know that any attack of madness passes. In the words of Friedrich Nietzsche what does not kill me makes me stronger.


America — Russia: the world is waiting for a reboot or a third hybrid?


The Russians already can not wait, when the President, Donald trump will “fulfill their campaign promises” as the older brother, embrace of Vladimir Putin, and they agree on the “big deal”. After all, Russia is the inherent means (cyberattacks, espionage, and the work of its Ambassador in the United States) helped to elect trump! But now boundless Russian love Trump could “spot” him in the eyes of Americans, turning in traitors, who in response to Russian support of their candidacy will promote Russian interests (the copyright of this presidency belongs to the Czech head of state Milos Zeman).


I smell impeachment


Paradoxically, the election love trump Putin and the collaboration of members of the administration with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak could not only complicate the U.S.-Russian reset, but to destroy the political career of trump. To allay the fears in kowtowing to Russia, trump must demonstrate a tough stance against Russia, as, incidentally, also dictated by the Republican tradition.

To clarify I should add that the target of Russian sabotage and hacker attacks during the American elections was not the victory pet Russians Donald trump, and the desire to question the American system of democracy, to demonstrate that democracy is just a game for idiots not only in Russia but also in the West. It turned out that democracy works, and the desire of the American people to see the head of his country’s narcissistic showman in a red hat, whose slogan — “America above all!”, fulfilled.


Trump has been infected Russophobia


In Russia began the jubilation. At some point, it seemed that Russia can even influence elections in the United States. Several months passed, and the Deputy of the State Duma Konstantin Kosachev, according to Fox News, disappointedly said: “Either trump has not gained the desired independence, and it consistently (and unsuccessfully) into a corner, or Russophobia struck now, and a new administration from top to bottom”.


The American dream the Russians crashed. Trump said that Russia needs to return Crimea to Ukraine. So while “Crimea is ours”, and trump is not “our”. Putin again as one finger. His depression he treats his meetings with the leaders of former Soviet republics in Central Asia and “private” trips in Krasnoyarsk taiga, where he discussed with defense Minister Sergei Shoigu further plan how to take revenge on all who ignore the President, to attract the attention of the world community and, perhaps, a show of strength in Ukraine. Meanwhile, France and Germany to decide how to protect yourself from Russian hackers on the eve of elections.


The man landed in Washington


Director of the foreign Department of the presidential Administration of the Czech Republic Hynek kmoníček became the new Ambassador of the Czech Republic in the United States. As we know, the Ambassador to the United States enormous power. For example, the Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergey Kislyak, one by one excluded from high political game of key team members trump. Kislyak wants to meet the famous Sarah Jessica Parker of “Sex and the city”, which has already received an invitation from the Russian foreign Ministry to the famous Ambassador.


Disease power: delusions of grandeur and persecution


The first success of the new Czech Ambassador to the US was the news that during the April visit to the United States miloš Zeman will receive the award as “Fighter for the truth” of influential Jewish organizations, which in years past has awarded and Donald trump. But how else? If Milos Zeman and deserves a reward, primarily for the ability to turn into “the truth” everything that comes to his mind, and insist on it to the last, as it was in the history with the prosecution of Ferdinand Peroutka to be sympathetic to Hitler.


Exactly the same as Putin or trump, Zeman knows how to sell your hidden desires and compulsive fears. His political style is the constant revenge, and the motive — megalomania and delusions of persecution. Putin’s fear of revolution, primarily of color. A few days before the inauguration of the trump Russian President Vladimir Putin said that some forces in the US seeking to overthrow the newly elected American President by the same methods that these same forces used in the Ukrainian Maidan. Trump think that he is being persecuted journalists and predecessor as President. The last hit of the American political debate has become a “second Watergate”: trump has accused Barack Obama of wiretapping (Obama denies it).


The Czech copyright law. Zeman has pushed the West to Russian arms long before trump


Czech President Milos Zeman, not Donald trump, have started to use vulgar words to demean journalists and lie to live. It Zeman, not Putin, first publicly suggested the idea of involving Russia in the war against terrorism, so as to rehabilitate and drag on Western ship after the annexation of Crimea and waging war in Eastern Ukraine. It Zeman, not trump, as President or as a presidential candidate made a Declaration of love to the head of another state — Russia.

Kazakhstan and Central Asia — the invisible Putin’s trump card for the “big deal” with trump


After the political betrayal of trump, who gave Crimea to Putin and not going to cancel the sanctions, the Russian President went to Central Asia. At the beginning of the visit, he was skiing in the mountains near Almaty, President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, who has ruled without interruption of their country since the collapse of the Soviet Union. The whole ski area was closed for tourists for several days allegedly due to the threat of avalanches. But Russian and Kazakh leader avalanches are not afraid, and bravely went skiing on the empty slopes. The conversation turned to how to further divide Syria, it is no coincidence repeated alternative negotiations of the participants of the Syrian conflict held in Kazakhstan Astana. Hover was about domesticated Turkish President Erdogan, who is not insisting on the resignation of Syrian dictator Assad. Said presidents and obstinate Belarusian President Lukashenko, who glances at the cursed West, and disloyal to the President of Tajikistan Rakhmonov, who will not join the Eurasian economic Union, and the new Uzbek President-reformer Mirzaeva, and the President of Kyrgyzstan Atambaev, which does not suit the Russian military base on Kyrgyz territory.


All of these are hidden from the journalists, but certainly skillful movement between the flags for Kazakhstan ski trail Putin has taken in preparation for the “big deal” with trump that the overseas partner saw who the real leader in Central Asia, and to use this as an argument. All in vain. American geopolitical map of Central Asia — are just a blur. Not even Kazakhstan in a video message to Trump America First, Kazakhstan Second! with Borat starring in it. And, apparently, relations with Russia are not for the American President’s priority.


Fabulously wealthy Russian Prime Minister and presidential elections in Russia


Russian opposition politician and fighter against corruption Alexei Navalny has posted a video about the fabulous wealth of Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, who owns yachts, castles, vineyards in Tuscany and, last but not least, a very expensive brand sneakers. In this case the pensioner in the Crimea, which complained that the pension is difficult to live, Medvedev said: “there’s no Money but you stay here!” At the meeting with the teachers, who complained about low wages, he replied that if they want to earn, then let them go into business.


For Russians it’s no big deal: Russia’s wealth derived from energy exports, move into the pockets of politicians and powerful oligarchs connected with the Kremlin since the 90-ies. The intrigue is that the upcoming presidential elections in Russia, Navalny may run for office as opposition leader Navalny and Medvedev the crown Prince. It is not excluded that the Russian presidential elections will be held before March 2018 because of the alleged state of health of Vladimir Putin. Speculation about early elections in Russia speak for six months now, as speculation about the state of health of the Russian President.




From the first of March 2017 in the Czech Republic has expanded the range of large and small firms, which are required in electronic form to report the sales. About 250 thousand businessmen now obliged to send the Financial management of each check. But the EET system will not destroy the career of the future Prime Minister Andrew Babish. The absence of ideology simplifies the path to victory is simple enough slogan, characteristic of a person, favorable results of opinion polls, money for marketing, realistic image of the enemy and a little luck!


The future for young people. Sixteen Czechs want suffrage


In the treatment of young Czechs “We ALSO want to solve!” criticism of modern political parties which in their programs are guided only by the older generation and completely forget about young people. The appeal young people need to reduce the age of receipt of election law from 18 to 16 years to political parties started to think about young people. In Austria, voter turnout in age from 16 to 17 years always reaches 80%, which is a maximum among all age groups that take part in the elections.


For example, in the Czech Republic, if young people 16 — 17 years old could vote in 2014, the European Parliament would have passed the representatives of the “Party of pirates”, and “Loose” — no. In the elections to the Chamber of deputies would significantly improve their results, “the Party pirate” and “green Party”, but parties ANO KSČM and ODS figures would have been much worse.


Argument in favor of lowering the age of obtaining the electoral right may be the fact that people older than 16 years of age have full criminal liability.


Politics is theatre


Interest incorrect cabaret performance “Ovcacek-stveracek” the City theatre in zlín was huge. President Zeman likes his press Secretary, a showman with an innocent childlike face that says even more radical and delusional things than the President himself. The purpose of both — shaming “culprits” are often imaginary crimes, to sow in a society of fear, hatred and to build barriers. A universal cure for megalomania of politicians is laughter and political satire.

Talk tomorrow


Last week saw the premiere of the play “talk Tomorrow” in the theater DISK. Student at DAMU, directed by Nina Jacko, told him about the policy using the tools of quantum mechanics. What happens behind the scenes during elections? The observable object in the presence of the observer changes, as the cat shidigera, which until the announcement of the results of both living and dead. The people solves nothing. It is an illusion. The program is not an ideology, elections are not elections, and everything disappears in a black hole. The rest — a set of rituals, including the ritual political debate with pre-conceived answers, and ritual solidarity…


Is there a policy at least something genuine? Something more than illusion and deception? Of course. Harsh brutal force, and the right to participate in management through the free election of their representatives and access to elective posts. Before the election is 229 days! If you come, truth and love triumph over lies and hatred.