Nutritionists have identified the diet that kills the body

One in five deaths in the world due to poor human nutrition. It is the second largest risk factor for early demise, which is second only to Smoking, writes the Guardian.

Institute of measurement and health assessment the University of Washington conducted a study in all countries of the world, seeing that in General people are living longer. The highest life expectancy in Japan (84 years), and lowest in the Central African Republic (over 50 years). On average, women live about 75 years, men – a little less than 70. Life is growing, but it grows and the time during which a person experiences health problems.

With the exception of tobacco, all major risks of early death (for example, high levels of blood glucose or cholesterol) may be caused by food. According to scientists, people do not consume enough whole grains, fruits, nuts, seeds and fish oil, but too much salt, sugary drinks and red meat.


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Professor John Newton from the U.K. Department of health emphasizes that people do not realize how quickly the threat shifting to non-communicable diseases and diseases which are caused, in particular, poor nutrition. Noncommunicable diseases are caused 72% of deaths.

Often, the main problem is obesity. In addition, the role played by drugs and mental disorders. Scientists have isolated a “triad of problems,” which hinders the development of many societies: obesity, conflict and mental illness. It is noted that the situation is deteriorating, and the authorities do not give the matter sufficient attention.