How to extend the life and save money: the most simple way

Canadian scientists have described a simple and efficient way to extend the life. Their conclusions are made on the basis of a study conducted with the participation of 130 thousand people from 17 countries, reports the New Scientist.

Scientists from McMaster University in Canada almost seven years monitored the health status of the subjects, noting the level of mortality among them, and what diseases they suffer. In parallel, the specialists interviewed study participants, finding out how often they do sports during the week and how much it takes them time.

The result was that those subjects that more than 750 minutes a week to dedicate to walking, the risk of premature death decreases by 36%. In addition, scientists believe that physical activity prevents 8% of deaths in every seven years.


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The authors emphasize that the longevity is not necessarily going to the gym. Enough daily for one and a half hours to clean the house or walk to work. Not only will this benefit your health, and help save some money on transport.

The edition underlines that similar recommendations gives and the world health organization. Doctors believe that people 18-65 years useful every week to spend at least 150 minutes moderate physical activity and two days of exercises aimed at strengthening muscles.