FIFA world Cup 2018 in Russia: “Terrible working conditions”

On Krestovsky island need to hurry. After 20 days in the Arena of St. Petersburg will hear the first whistle of the FIFA confederations Cup, and still need to do very much. Although the construction of the new stadium continued for 11 years and demanded 800 million euros (which now I can’t go on social needs of the city), still need to eliminate the consequences of the botched execution of work from Foundation to roof construction. But now the international football Federation can not begin construction of any other object. Earlier in the week, FIFA admitted that her six months ago, it was known that in St. Petersburg worked with migrants from North Korea. And that these migrant workers engaged to undertake non-exchange transactions in inhuman conditions. But this did not cause any consequences.

There is a suspicion that the granting of hosting the world Cup 2018 Russia and 2022 to Qatar due to the corruption. For several years investigators of the United States, Switzerland, France, England and other States try to investigate the matter. But the problems of human rights in connection with the construction of the world Cup so far mainly focused on the Emirates. Now the documents show that FIFA, which she readily advocates for compliance with international standards in the construction of stadiums, have long known about carefully concealed the work of North Korean citizens in St. Petersburg and had information that they lived in intolerable conditions, usually ran. It was reported Gianni Infantino (Gianni Infantino) the heads of the federations of Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Iceland.

All fled? The ARD team found the North Koreans at the Moscow stadium

Scandinavian Quartet in a letter dated 16 may indicated the head of FIFA for the Norwegian football magazine Josimar. According to the magazine, the construction of the stadium in St. Petersburg was busy, at least 110 workers from North Korea, and at least one worker “was found dead on the construction of Zenit-Arena”. Referring to international human rights and worker representatives of Scandinavian football federations were asked to give them a detailed answer. He followed immediately. At the beginning of last week, Infantino said the four heads that FIFA, together with the Russian world Cup organizing Committee and the Russian Klin Institute of protection and work conditions in autumn had to establish the breach in the position of the North Korean workers at the construction site. According to Infantino, the letter submitted by the Süddeutsche Zeitung, FIFA “knows and condemns in the strongest terms often terrible working conditions in which North Koreans work in different countries of the world. During the visit from 22 to 23 November 2016 the inspection team found convincing proof of the presence of North Korean workers at a construction site in St. Petersburg.” This was confirmed in September. Then she “tried” to obtain data on the conditions of work and residence, interviewing a construction firm. It is clear that the result was alarming. Infantino said: “During the next inspection in March 2017, the inspection team verified the presence of North Korean workers and came to the conclusion based on the available evidence that the construction site was no longer working citizens of this country.” So-so. So, it’s all gone?

Svetlana Gannushkina, who heads the Russian network “Migration and law” and in 2016 received the alternative Nobel prize, has at its disposal other data. According to estimates by activists of the movement for human rights, the country has 35 thousand workers from North Korea, they are working “in Moscow and other places.” She reported that the team ARD, leading the investigation, who quickly arrived at the construction site of the Luzhniki stadium in Moscow, venue of the final of the world Cup in 2018. Thursday papers ARD “dress rehearsal Putin: Russia and FIFA confederations Cup” showed North Korean workers in Moscow. Team ARD after that did not receive a reply from the organizing Committee of the world Cup or FIFA.

World Federation, again came under fire strong critics, discussed the question of human rights explicitly as slowly as its proposed reforms last she showed recently at the Congress in Bahrain in a high degree of hypocrisy. All critical controllers were there removed from the headquarters for ethics and management. As for workers from North Korea to Russia, the representative of the international trade Union amber yuson (Yuson Amber) after an inspection tour by FIFA pointed to the intolerable situation of workers in the countries of the future world Cup: they are forced to live in unheated containers and work 16 hours a day. A large part of their earnings is sent directly to the regime in Pyongyang.

If the workers at venues in Russia and Qatar, our forced contributions to Finance a regime that promotes the growing anxiety in world politics, then it should be paid special attention. The UN security Council in this regard had even prepared a resolution: needed everywhere in the world to send workers from North Korea back home.