Euro access panels for suspended ceilings provide access to communications

This is very evident in the facades of modern buildings that are very different from their predecessors. But it is not only in the external differences – for anybody not a secret that the modern home is literally full of a variety of engineering units and communication, and in this regard, in the process of repair, especially finishing works, there are problems with masking all the necessary valves, meters, air conditioning systems, compressors and other contemporary equipment. Besides, tightly seal these nodes is impossible, because it must be accessible for maintenance or repair.

Initially, this function was performed by conventional plastic hatches. They, as expected, covered all communications, but not decorated appearance of the repaired premises. Later, when in use, firmly established the concept of “renovation” and materials, he related, in the construction market appeared a secret inspection glasses – designs that are much superior to the plastic hatches on the technical properties and appearance.

Hatches for gypsum ceiling – one of the varieties of Euro access panels (this is another name for these structures intended for painted surfaces or surfaces with Wallpaper). The main difference is that the frame is made of lightweight aluminum, which prevents sagging of ceiling drywall. These hatches can be any size, odnotonnymi and two-door. The gunner’s hatch in this version is removable, which again allows you to gently take it off and put aside, avoiding sagging of the ceiling. Also the door is provided with safety chains to prevent the fall.

With mind control lid – very simple design. But it is only in appearance. Actually there are a lot of nuances that are considered in the calculation, manufacture and installation of these structures.

Open the hatches for plasterboard ceilings with light pressure – they include to push the designs. Practice has shown that it locks Hafele ensure the reliability and durability of products.

Ceiling hatches are to be modified hatches under painting. There are also other variants of execution of the revision manhole, which depend directly upon where they will be mounted. Each model corresponds to a particular material and surface conditions of the mounting structure.

Reliability and ease of auditing hatches will allow you to use these structures efficiently and permanently.