No greetings and courtesies: during a telephone conversation trump criticizes Australian Prime Minister and boasts

The call of the new commander of the Australian leader had become friendly and helpful after all, Australia is one of the most steadfast allies of America.

But it was not there. President trump has criticized Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull (Malcolm Turnbull) of the agreement on refugees and boasted the scale of his election victory, said people familiar with the contents of the Saturday talks, American officials. Then, on the twenty-fifth minute of the conversation that was to last an hour, trump had suddenly completed it.

At some point in the conversation trump had informed Turnbull that he in this day has already talked with four world leaders, including Russian President Vladimir Putin, said that “this call was one of the worst”.

Behavior trump testifies to the fact that world leaders, including close allies, he can speak with the same sarcasm and malice, which often speaks with political opponents and representatives of the mass media, and also writes on Twitter.

“This is the worst deal” — angrily said the tramp, when Turnbull tried to ensure that the United States will meet its commitment and take 1 250 refugees from Australian detention centre.

Trump, the day before, signed the decree on temporary ban on the entry of refugees, complained that he was subjected to “political assassination” and accused Australia in that it tries to export the “new Boston to the bombers”.

Wednesday night, trump returned to this theme, writing on Twitter: “would You believe it? The Obama administration has agreed to accept thousands of illegal immigrants from Australia. Why? I’ll learn this stupid agreement.”

American officials say that trump had behaved in a similar way during conversations with the leaders of other countries, including Mexican. But his attitude towards Turnbull is simply amazing, because between the United States and Australia there is a very close relationship. These countries share intelligence information, provide mutual diplomatic support and even fought together in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Such reviews about trump give a more complete picture of his character and diplomatic skills as head of the Executive branch. In this capacity, he still uses uncompromising negotiation tactics, perfected while working in real estate, and pompous demeanor, which was characteristic of him during the filming of a reality show.

Stories about phone calls trump also contradict our bruised reports of the White house. In the official printout of his conversation with Turnbull, for example, States that the two leaders “underscored the enduring strength and closeness of the American-Australian relations which are crucial for peace, stability and prosperity in the Asia-Pacific region and throughout the world”.

A White house spokesman declined to comment. A senior administration official acknowledged that the conversation between trump and Turnbull was sharp and hostile, but stressed that other conversations of the American President with foreign leaders, including heads of Japan, Germany, France and Russia, was productive and enjoyable.

Trump also didn’t hide the irritation and praised the political achievements in tense conversation with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto (Enrique Peña Nieto), said officials. The two leaders for several months waging struggle over trump promises to get Mexico to pay for the construction of the wall on the border between the two countries. Because of this conflict Nieto even cancelled his scheduled meeting with trump.

Even during hostile conversations trump manages to insert comments about their achievements in the elections. According to American officials, during interviews with Turnbull Nieto and he mentioned his electoral victory and said about the number of people who came to the inauguration.

One official did not rule out that such a tactic is trump to tell “about the vote of confidence and why their decisions find support.” But along with this it is well known that trump is irritable, and in social networks, meetings with legislators, and even in his speech at the headquarters of the CIA, he presented his success in the elections as an achievement of historic proportions, not as conquered, with a small margin of victory over Clinton, which in the case of a direct vote, have gained the upper hand.

Dispute with Turnbull showed that trump is angry at the Obama administration, which has linked its agreement on the admission of refugees from Australian detention centres, although he issued a decree on a temporary ban on the entry of people from other countries.

In the agreement there is a speech about 2 500 refugees who sought asylum in Australia, but instead was sent abroad in Nauru and on Manus island in Papua New Guinea. Because of the terrible conditions in these places, the United Nations has made the United States promises to take about half of these refugees on the condition that they pass a U.S. security clearance.

Many of these refugees came from Iran, Iraq, Sudan and Somalia. Trump issued a decree temporarily banned citizens of these countries to come to the United States. The decree trump there is a special condition that allows you to make exceptions in the execution of the “previously concluded international agreements.” It was included so as not to violate the Treaty with Australia.

However, us officials said that trump had continued to be angry because of this agreements, even when signed your decree in a ceremony at the Pentagon.

“I don’t need these people,” said trump. He has been wrong calling the number of refugees, specified in the agreement, and said that their 2 000 instead of 1 250. Trump also said Turnbull that he “has the intention” to comply with the terms of the agreement, leaving thereby the possibility to exit it in the future.

Before trump on Wednesday evening, tweeted about the agreement, the American Embassy in Canberra the Australian assured reporters that the new administration intends to accept refugees.

“The decision of the President of trump to comply with the terms of the agreement on refugees has not changed”, — said the press Secretary of the Embassy reporters, as reported by the consular officer in Sydney. “The white house has just confirmed that the state Department and the Embassy in Canberra”.

The statement of the Embassy on the implementation of the agreement on the refugees was made in 21 hours 15 minutes, Washington time, or an hour and a half before trump announced on Twitter that he may abandon it.

During Saturday’s telephone conversation Turnbull said Trump that to fulfill the terms of the agreement, the United States necessarily to accept all refugees, but only enough to let everyone follow the normal procedure of checking. At this point, said a senior official from the administration, trump promised to put each refugee a “very severe test”.

Skepticism trump is explained by the fact that he did not see what specific benefits will the U.S. implement the agreement.

This position trump reflects his mercenary approach to the relationship, even when it comes to diplomatic relations with longtime allies. Australian troops for decades, are fighting side by side with American soldiers, and Canberra works closely with Washington on trade and economic issues.

The US believes Australia is so close and trusted ally that included it in the agreement on cooperation in the field of intelligence called “Five eyes”. Besides her, it involved only four countries. The parties to this agreement actively share information collected by their intelligence services, and generally do not spy on each other.

Between the two countries there is an extensive tourist exchange.

Trump called Turnbull on Saturday, about five o’clock in the evening from the Oval office, where his chief strategist Steven Bannon (Stephen K. Bannon), the national security Advisor, Michael Flynn (Michael Fly) and press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer (Sean Spicer).

During a call, Turnbull suggested to close the topic of refugees and to discuss the Syrian conflict and other pressing foreign policy problems. But trump said, and ended the conversation, which was much shorter than his conversation with Shinzo Abe, Angela Merkel, Francois Hollande and Putin.

“These discussions are held genuinely, frankly, confidentially,’ said Turnbull on Thursday at a press conference in Australia. — You can view reports about them, and I have nothing to add”.

In the preparation of this article participated A. Odysseus Patrick (A. Odysseus Patrick).