Birds hide the key to the “secret of youth” – scientists

Scientists from the University of Oldenburg found: barn owls do not lose their hearing with age. Is usually hearing in the process of aging deteriorates due to the loss of auditory receptors – hair cells. The barn owl these cells are able to recover, reports “Orthodox”.

Probably due to the opening of researchers new tools for hearing loss.

In the study, experts evaluated the 7 hearing of the barn owl. 4 birds were young (under 2 years) and 3 elderly. Two old birds was 13 years and another for 17 years.

The barn owl was placed in a sound chamber with loudspeakers, and emitting sounds with a duration of 300 milliseconds with a frequency of 0.5 to 12 kHz.


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The researchers found no differences between young and older birds. In addition, the researchers checked the hearing 23-year-old barn owls three times during her life. Specialists have found that hearing birds with age not worse. According to the researchers, the hearing in the aging process do not lose and other birds – starlings. Apparently, the case in the regeneration of hair cells of the cochlea of the ear.