Scientists told how to recover from depression

To cure a person of depression with sleep deprivation, that is, partial or complete deprivation. This is evidenced by the data accumulated over the past decade. The analysis of papers devoted to sleep deprivation, was published in the journal of Clinical Psychiatry, reports “Orthodox”.

Sleep deprivation with the goal of recovering from depression has been used in psychiatric practice since 1966. A team of scientists decided to find out how effective this method is.

Having reviewed more than 2,000 papers, the scientists formed an array of 66 dedicated sleep deprivation research for almost forty-year period.


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It turned out that it is quite effective for the treatment of depression – it can help with depression was able to handle up to 50% of patients. Played no role, whether the deprivation complete when study participants didn’t sleep to 36 hours, or partial, when they were awake for 20-21 hours.

The researchers emphasize that further studies are needed to determine which mechanisms sleep deprivation contributes to depression.

Earlier Dutch scientists have established the relationship between chronic apathy and life expectancy. As it turned out, the person who is in depression, the chances of premature death is much higher than other people.